Brand Spotlight: Rubbermaid Cleaning & Storage Products

As a brand, Rubbermaid has worked hard to simplify their customer’s lives with their innovative products for more than 70 years. Because of their efforts, their high-quality and durable wares have become a staple for offices all over the U.S.

Keeping your workspace clean can be a chore, especially if you don’t know which products to use. With’s discounts and wholesale pricing on thousands of Rubbermaid’s offerings, finding the right product for you is easy. To make things even easier, check out our list of the top Rubbermaid cleaning and storage solutions we’re confident will work for your business.


  1. Brooms, Brushes & Other Floor Cleaners

Getting your cleaning tasks done in one sweep is easy with the help of floor cleaners. Brooms, brushes, and their dust pans can take care of small messes quickly without having to plug in a vacuum. Additionally, floor cleaners like mops and cleaning pads soak up spills that can cause employees to slip and fall, which is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. Not sure where to start? Take a look at these popular products:


  1. Air Fresheners

Utilizing air fresheners is a simple way to make your office space feel (and smell) better. Although their primary purpose is to mask unwanted odors, fresheners disperse pleasant scents throughout your office space, which can positively impact the mood and productivity of employees. These air-enhancers are available in numerous varieties, depending on your desired scent and preferred scenting method. Discover the right freshener for your workplace by previewing these top recommendations:


  1. Trash Cans & Can Liners

Of all the storage solutions out there, trash cans are definitely one of the most needed. They not only consolidate your clutter and waste, but also prolong your space’s tidiness. Although having just one may seem like enough, investing in several accessible and differently sized trash cans ensures your building will stay clean year-round. Consider these eco-friendly options:

As great as trash cans are, we can’t stress the importance of their liners enough. While the former collects garbage or recyclable materials, the latter is a sanitation essential; liners prevent the spread of disease by reducing the level of contact one has with thrown-away items. Here are a few types you’ll definitely want in your office:

Curious to learn more about what other trustworthy brands have to offer? Check out our other spotlights on our blog to help make your space spotless. And to find unbeatable deals on any and all of your office supplies, visit the ReStockIt website today.

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