5 Crowd-Pleasing Air Freshener Scents for the Office

A lot of things in life are difficult to agree on. “Which movie should we watch tonight?” and “Where should we go to dinner?” are two questions that likely spur a lot of arguments. Another question that can start a debate is “What is your favorite scent?” With so many fragrances, oils, and candles available, it’s rare that people have the same preference.

For an office, selecting an air freshener scent can frustrate many employees. You want to decide on a freshener that will keep the office smelling fresh and clean, without being overbearing to the people who smell it all day.

So, which scent should you choose? Keep reading to hear about 5 crowd-pleasing air fresheners that everyone in your office will like. But first, it’s important to decide which type of freshener your office should be using.

Types of air fresheners

Automatic, or metered, air fresheners release fragrances into the air at regular intervals, without having to manually spray the scent. These air fresheners spray as often as you’d like them to, with minute and hour interval options available. They are great for main areas of offices, office restrooms, and lobbies.

Similar to automatic, non-aerosol air fresheners routinely spritz the room with refreshing scents. This type of freshener uses a motion sensor, so it is triggered to spray when someone walks past. Of course, it can also lock for a set amount of time after going off to avoid constant sprays in a higher traffic area.

Finally, aerosol air fresheners are the manual, handheld fresheners that offices can use as needed. They’re perfect for restrooms or lobbies, when you only need to spray once in a while to give the space an extra-clean scent.

What are the best crowd-pleasing air freshener scents for the office?

  1. Clean linen

Clean linen is the top contender. It is simple, refreshing, and can be enjoyed all year long. Unlike fruity or holiday scents that are heavy and tied to seasons, this laundry-like smell is neutral, but gives enough fragrance to keep the office smelling like freshly-washed sheets all day.

  1. Lemon

Similar to linen, lemon fresheners emphasize cleanliness, with most cleaning supplies containing lemony notes. This crisp scent is appreciated by all and can also be used any month of the year.

  1. Lavender

Lavender has a stronger scent than the first two options but has been tied to office aromatherapy. The relaxing, natural smell of lavender has been proven to reduce the stress activity in the brain, perfect for an office environment.

  1. Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze is another classic and subtle scent. It’s pure and simple, giving employees a coastal, aquatic, and relaxing smell without having to go to the beach!

  1. Mint

Finally, mint is an invigorating, energizing scent that freshens up any room. Mint tea air fresheners also work great, along with other tea-themed scents like white tea.

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