Back to School Deals You Won’t Be Able to Resist

As much as we hate to admit it, the summer is coming to an end.

While everyone might agree that saying yes to summer is a lot more fun than saying yes to school, there is one activity both current teachers and students can look forward to: buying school supplies.

Nobody can go back to school without back-to-school supplies — and no one can get back-to-school supplies without shopping some back-to-school sales first.

At ReStockIt, we carry thousands of classroom essentials at discounted prices. Since we know that our selection may be a lot to choose from, read this quick supply guide to help you find what you will need to start the school year off right.

  1. Pencils

While the #1 activity at any school should be learning, we can’t deny that writing would come in at a close second.

Pencils are one of the most common school supplies for this very reason. ReStockIt offers not only the standard yellow pencils but also top-notch mechanical pencils of varying models and grips. We also sell lead refills and pencil sharpeners to make sure you and your pencils stay sharp all year long.

We carry pencil brands like BiC, Dixon, Universal, and more. For the best prices on pencils, check out the following back-to-school deals:

  1. Pens

Looking for something a little more permanent? We can give you all sorts of pens for less when you shop with ReStockIt. From ballpoint to felt-point or fountain to gel-ink pens, we’ve got what all teachers and students need to help make their written work stand out.

At Restockit, you can buy all sorts of pens from top brands like BiC, Papermate®, Pilot, and more. The back-to-school deals listed below are some of a few that you definitely don’t want to miss:

  1. Paper & Notebooks

Sure, pencils and pens are important for writing — but you can’t write a single word if you don’t have anything to write on. Whether composing an essay, taking notes, or doodling a masterpiece, you’re going to need some quality paper to help get you through the day.

Luckily for you, ReStockIt is a paper-stocking powerhouse. For one thing, we have a variety of college or wide-ruled filler paper packs to suit every teacher’s and student’s needs. If loose-leaf isn’t your thing, though, we’ve also got plenty of notebooks for you to choose from, including classic composition notebooks, versatile spiral notebooks, and stylish hard-cover notebooks.

Our paper and notebooks come from best-selling brands like Mead, Moleskin, Pacon, and more. To see what back-to-school deals are available for either of these supplies, start with these:

  1. Binders & Binder Tabs

When you think of ways to organize your school materials, what school supply do you think of first? If you thought of folders, think again. Why? Because binders are so much better.

ReStockIt can give you three-ring binders in view or non-view styles, which also come in lots of different colors and sizes. We also carry specialty binders to make sure you present your work in the best way possible. And don’t forget: a binder’s not a binder without binder dividers.

Keep everything in place with binders and tabs from brands like Avery, Business Source, and Mead. Buy the right one for you with these back-to-school deals:

  1. Other supply essentials

You can’t take on the school year without any of the aforementioned supplies; but to really start your return back-to-school off right, you’re also going to need scissors, staplers, and calculators!

Don’t just pick any old pair of scissors; find the right pair from one of the 150 different kinds of scissors ReStockIt offers. As for staplers (and obviously staples), we carry manual, electric, and specialty staplers perfect for any kind of school project.

While you might need a scientific or graphing calculator to make math class easier to get through, you also need one to calculate the incredible discounts you’ll get on the back-to-school deals below:

For additional info on all the supplies we offer, check out the ones we feature on our blog. And to find even more unbeatable deals on other school supplies not mentioned here, visit the ReStockIt website today.

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