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Tiering Up

Invitations have been sent, perks and swag are in place, we have our virtual red carpet rolled out to proudly announce a premier VIP event that doesn’t require a shirt,shoes or even pants!  Read more »



Back-to-school blogging has left me feeling nostalgic. It’s likely the reason that while prepping for this entry I reminisced about the game Rock-Paper-Scissors.  During my early school years this was the way we kids decided pretty much everything.  Read more »


BTS Banter

Just as you were starting to get a handle on the summer routine, Back To School time has peered around the corner.  Read more »


Your Chatter Matters!

In the few shorts months that we began offering prizes for Product Reviews  the response has been nothing short of  overwhelming, positive, and enthusiastic! Read more »


Happy Birthday, USA!

Glorious,majestic, magnificent star-spangled celebration that is July 4th!  We the people pull out all of the stops to commemorate the founding of our great nation in 1776.  Read more »


Can liners save lives!

We’re all guilty of  adding  just one more bit of  garbage to the already  overstuffed trash, keeping fingers crossed that the bag doesn’t burst as we roll the can out to the sidewalk or dumpster.  Read more »


GoJo – Not Just for Mechanics Anymore

I remember growing up, my father always had the orange, gritty GoJo in his construction trailer. And at home on the sink, for that matter. Although he was a general contractor and not a mechanic, he learned from his mechanic friends how well the stuff worked, and it really did get the grime off. My mother loved that my dad no longer had grimy hands at the dining room table. Later, when I ran a horse barn, I used GoJo in the stable bathroom to clean up after riding or stall-cleaning.

GoJo has come a long way since then. In 1983, GoJo broke out of the heavy duty hand cleaner niche and created a new one- that of dispensers (which they originally patented in 1952) and sealed refill soaps  for washrooms everywhere. From there, they set their sights on new markets and countries, and their products only got better as the years passed.

I was at the gym the other day (okay…maybe it was more like a year ago…) and in the locker room showers, I happened to notice that they had installed new soap and shampoo dispensers, which I thought was a nice touch. To my surprise, it was GoJo products. I say that because I had only known GoJo, up to that point, to manufacture hand-washing soaps and as the company behind Purell hand sanitizer. Lo and behold, they now had a line of luxury soaps for body wash and shampoo! AND IT WAS GOOD!

Since we sell them on the site, I figured I would try them at the house. Smart move! They last forever in a home, and the dispenser makes it so nice! I don’t have to worry about little slivers of soap getting underfoot in the shower and no more soapy residue under body wash bottles; hey, anything to make cleaning my house easier. AND they also manufacture body lotion too! And it’s just as great as any you get at the drugstore.  It also comes with a dispenser, so it’s a cinch to apply! What are you waiting for? Go, get some GoJo and make life easier!


Clean Bathroom = Happy Customer

Every minute of the day that your local business’ bathroom is not clean is another chance to give a local, longtime customer the bad experience that will prevent him from coming back. Normally there is no way to tell whether you have lost customers on account of a dirty bathroom. In the same way that your business can earn a reputation around town, your business’ bathroom also gets a reputation that will stick, so to speak.

Walk into your restroom and try this exercise; can you wash your hands, dry, and leave the bathroom without making contact with any surface whatsoever? No? Well, we can help you fix that. First, use a wall-mounted touchless soap dispenser. Hygiene leader Gojo has dispensers that use factory-sealed soap refills. These are superior because they are guaranteed to be sanitary. Studies have shown that approximately 25% of open bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms contain unsafe levels of bacteria.

Bathroom Strip Complete

Next you’ll need a touchless paper towel dispenser by the sink. A step-on trash-can should be located right underneath the paper towel dispenser near the faucet. This way you can use a paper towel to turn the faucet off and throw it away, all without touching anything. You should also provide a small wastebasket near the door for those customers who like to open the door with a paper towel, so that they don’t have to make a prayer shot from half-court to throw it away. In the end it will create less work for you.

Don’t forget toilet seat covers. People use them, and its better (and more cost efficient) to have them available, instead of your customers wasting toilet paper. They will lay strips of toilet paper on the seat, and then it ends up on the floor most of the time, which means now you’ve not only wasted money, but the bathroom looks dirty and unkempt. Never underestimate the power of a clean bathroom!



Mom’s Take-Out

The big holidays are over, but other small ones are fast approaching, and this begs the question: How are you going to send home leftovers from that party and get your storage containers back? I hate sending leftovers home for just that reason, because those little containers are pricey!

Well, that’s an easy fix! Last year, I bought take-out containers. That way, I send home food so it doesn’t stay in my house and get tossed, and I don’t worry about having to go out and buy a whole new slew of plastic storage containers! And I really hate having to do that…


The beauty is, you can get whatever you want, for whatever budget you have. You can get foam food containers, in a one compartment, two compartments, or three compartments. You can get plastic deli containers or aluminum containers. Heck, you can even get foam trays and just use plastic wrap to seal it up.

Personally, I like to use the little Chinese restaurant containers for a funky touch, or you can get the paper food trays like they use at fairs and festivals. With Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day coming up (my husband and his family are Irish, so we have huge St Paddy’s Day parties), I have to dig my containers out of storage for the occasion. That’s another plus! They last forever, unless of course you throw massive parties with 300+ people! Party on, and send home leftovers without fear!



The (Power) Cords That Bind

We are living in a digital age, that’s no secret. Computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming systems…all around us are digital products that keep us connected. And have lots of power cords. Power cords are essential (obviously) and you need a place to plug them in. Unless you’ve built your home to include an insane amount of electrical outlets, that means you use power strips, otherwise known as surge protectors.

Power strips are great, and they come in many shapes and forms, but they too become overloaded with cords. The space between my wall and entertainment center looks like a tangle vine of cords that is just waiting to trap the cat should she venture back there. I keep waiting to hear plaintive meowing that we have to track down so we can rescue her.


In my bedroom at least, I’ve tried to take a proactive stand against cord overload. I’ve purchased two USB hubs that plug into my electrical outlets so that I don’t have to have everything plugged in together. One hub charges my iPhone and our two Kindles, and another charges my husband’s spare phone battery and his Bluetooth.

I know it seems that it’s still a whole slew of cords, but they are easier to unplug the cords during the day and I don’t have a whole power strip sitting on my floor that someone can trip over! And most of my power strips are what I lovingly refer to as Squidward, because instead of being a standard strip, it has five movable arms that spread out. For my electronics I have color coded strips so I don’t unplug the wrong thing, which can be bad if someone is playing a video game and you accidentally unplug their game. They get grumpy when that happens…



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