Boss PR: Upgrade Your Break Room

Everyone enjoys feeling like they are valued and wanted. When employees feel as though their presence is appreciated they are motivated to work harder. In this light, upgrading your break room is worth the cost. At the office, we use coffee airpots with fresh ground, fresh-brewed brand name coffee and an assortment of coffee accessories. I suggest providing the coffee area with Belgian Chocolate Toffee Creamer, by Nestle. This is our favorite, however the entire line of Nestle coffee creamers are deliscious. Powdered versions are the best because they cost less to ship. They also make for a better tasting coffee because they absorb water in the coffee for more flavor. These coffee creamers are non-dairy, so they accommodate the diets of a larger group of people. For those assigned to coffee duty, has unique tips on how to make coffee even better.
Belgian Chocolate Toffee Creamer
Productivity is Tasty!

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