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Don’t Run Out!

We admit it. We have run out of paper towels for our dispensers here at ReStockIt, and have had to resort to flimsy napkins for drying our hands as we eagerly await our new shipment. We try to stay on top of ordering supplies, but sometimes we just…forget! It happens to everyone, every business, at one point or another, and it’s never at a convenient time. That’s why there is ReStocker to the rescue!

You can’t go wrong using ReStocker for your business, or even your home! There is no drawback to having your supplies automatically delivered in the time frame that you choose. And there are tons of products that are on our ReStocker program, so you can restock everything you need for your business or home, and never have to worry about running out of a crucial supply ever again!


In addition, with ReStocker, you save 5% on every ReStocker order that you place, so the program also equals savings as well as peace of mind since you aren’t going to be surprised when something important runs out. Think about it, no more last minute trips to the store for supplies, so it saves you time as well! You can’t beat something that saves you time, money, and peace of mind.

You can customize ReStocker to replenish your supplies in the time frame of your choosing, and with many of our ReStocker products offering free shipping and super-fast delivery, there really isn’t a way to lose! Breakroom supplies, office supplies, even janitorial supplies can be set up for auto delivery with ReStocker, so you never have to run out again. Its good advice that we’ll be taking for ourselves!



Boss PR: Upgrade Your Break Room

Everyone enjoys feeling like they are valued and wanted. When employees feel as though their presence is appreciated they are motivated to work harder. In this light, upgrading your break room is worth the cost. At the office, we use coffee airpots with fresh ground, fresh-brewed brand name coffee and an assortment of coffee accessories. I suggest providing the coffee area with Belgian Chocolate Toffee Creamer, by Nestle. This is our favorite, however the entire line of Nestle coffee creamers are deliscious. Powdered versions are the best because they cost less to ship. They also make for a better tasting coffee because they absorb water in the coffee for more flavor. These coffee creamers are non-dairy, so they accommodate the diets of a larger group of people. For those assigned to coffee duty, has unique tips on how to make coffee even better.
Belgian Chocolate Toffee Creamer

Productivity is Tasty!


The Procrastination Paradox and How to Beat It

The main cause of procrastination comes from a failure to clearly define goals. Without knowing exactly how to reach your goals we hesitate to take action. From now on, write them down in a daily planner. Why a daily planner? Because in order to beat procrastination you’ll need the inspiration that comes from seeing yourself get closer to your goals every day. When you write down your goals and tasks, you strengthen your commitment to do them. Also, a physical planner is faster to reference and harder to avoid than a typed task list. has a variety of organizational supplies that serve the same purpose and may better fit your lifestyle.

Get a daily planner and keep it with you at all times. On your bedside table, put your planner on top of your cell phone at night, so you cannot avoid running into it in the morning. Look forward to the reward of checking your tasks off of the list. Over time, the daily planner will fill up with completed tasks and will become an inspirational feel-good charm that can help you overcome feelings of procrastination in the future. Make sure you reward yourself accordingly so that you start having positive feelings about your workload. Perhaps a fancy pen?

I found an article by Real Simple Magazine about procrastination that caught my eye. A week later, when I got around to reading it, I found it most helpful! Then again, I hadn’t written about it in my planner. You can also learn more about office organization methods on the website.


Flower Power; Certain Scents Increase Productivity

Clothing stores, hotel lobbies, restaurants and other commercialfranchises are beginning to capitalize on the relatively new idea of “sensory branding” (think Abercrombie, Macys, or the trendy W Hotels). Aromas affect your mood; some encourage you to relax, or increase your urge to spend. In that same light, savvy business offices are managing scents to make employees more productive. According to a report by Japanese “Aromachology” research firm Takasago, using scents like lavender, jasmine, and lemon in the workplace can reduce typing errors by as much as 54 percent.

Did you know that aside from elevating mood and productivity, lavender also improves memory?

Try the motion activated Air Wick Freshmatic Dispenser with lavender and chamomile, which is designed especially for the home and office. Place it in an area with moderate traffic, or even near the workstations. You may notice a spike in productivity over the next few weeks, which gives this simple dispenser a giant return on your investment. This starter kit includes both the dispenser and the refill, and is just one of the many metered air freshener dispensers and refills offered at

Sensitivity to a certain scent declines after repeated exposure, so you should rotate new scents every two weeks to maximize the effectiveness of this productivity technique. A case of long lasting Freshmatic refills amount to only $5.58 per can from


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