Clearance Center Opens Today!

Can’t  resist a bargain? On April 8th is launching a new “Clearance Center” offering irresistible savings on merchandise.

Tiering Up

Invitations have been sent, perks and swag are in place, we have our virtual red carpet rolled out to proudly announce a premier VIP event that doesn’t require a shirt,shoes or even pants! 

Your Chatter Matters!

In the few shorts months that we began offering prizes for Product Reviews  the response has been nothing short of  overwhelming, positive, and enthusiastic!

New and Improved!

In the ‘self-service’ world of online shopping  providing an ‘exceptional’ over an ‘average’ shopping  experience remains a top priority to us here at

“ is a Great Company!”

Recently ReStockIt ran a fun contest – a chance to win a Shopping Spree on our site.  All of our customers were eligible for entry,  any orders placed during the time of the contest that were over $200.00  were automatically entered.   When we announced our winner here’s what he had to say:

Create Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Home

Looking for ways to recycle your toilet paper rolls? Our tips help recycle and turn a boring, old toilet paper roll into a useful household item or craft project. Desk Organizer By using toilet paper rolls and glue, you now have a perfect desk organizer. Attach as many toilet paper rolls together as you’d like…

Hewlett Packard’s New Printers Give Small Businesses an Edge

Although online marketing can help small businesses reach a global audience, many industries are still better suited to attract customers through printed media. One problem SMBs face is the cost of outsourcing their printing efforts.’s brand partner, HP, recognized the need for an affordable solution to in-house printing and created a new generation of…

ReStockIt now catering to the medical supply industry

All your medical business needs in one place. At ReStockIt, we’re not just office supplies. We’re business supplies. Not only do we have everything you need to run your business, we understand the special needs unique to every industry we cater to. No other company makes it so easy to buy printer paper and triage and…

Incandescent Light Bulbs Getting Banned

Gov mandates incandescent bulb ban while LED technology improves The federal government passed a law which will mandate energy efficiency goals for all light bulbs 40 watts and above, goals that traditional incandescent light bulbs cannot meet. This means that the 425 million traditional light bulbs currently in American homes will have to be replaced by an… is Stocking Up on Business Awards, the one-stop shop for business supplies, who has already earned thirteen distinct awards for rapid growth and innovation in business in only seven years, has become a finalist in the upcoming Miami Chamber of Commerce Good to Great Awards. The Good to Great Awards recognizes South Florida’s top performing companies and inspires businesses by highlighting the innovations…

Boss PR: Upgrade Your Break Room

Everyone enjoys feeling like they are valued and wanted. When employees feel as though their presence is appreciated they are motivated to work harder. In this light, upgrading your break room is worth the cost. At the office, we use coffee airpots with fresh ground, fresh-brewed brand name coffee and an assortment of coffee…

Want to ELIMINATE re-purchasing chores? Auto Delivery is the solution!

Every type of business out there orders supplies on a constant basis. Everyone needs paper towels, toilet paper, Clorox wipes, trash bags and other cleaning supplies. Bakers need bakery boxes, restaurants need plastic straws, offices need ink and toner, paper cups and copy paper. Instead of buying each of these items from a different store, why…