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Clearance Center Opens Today!

Can’t  resist a bargain? On April 8th is launching a new “Clearance Center” offering irresistible savings on merchandise. Read more »


Tiering Up

Invitations have been sent, perks and swag are in place, we have our virtual red carpet rolled out to proudly announce a premier VIP event that doesn’t require a shirt,shoes or even pants!  Read more »


Your Chatter Matters!

In the few shorts months that we began offering prizes for Product Reviews  the response has been nothing short of  overwhelming, positive, and enthusiastic! Read more »


New and Improved!

In the ‘self-service’ world of online shopping  providing an ‘exceptional’ over an ‘average’ shopping  experience remains a top priority to us here at Read more »


“ is a Great Company!”

Recently ReStockIt ran a fun contest – a chance to win a Shopping Spree on our site.  All of our customers were eligible for entry,  any orders placed during the time of the contest that were over $200.00  were automatically entered.   When we announced our winner here’s what he had to say: Read more »


Create Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Home

Looking for ways to recycle your toilet paper rolls? Our tips help recycle and turn a boring, old toilet paper roll into a useful household item or craft project.

Desk Organizer

tp roll pencil

By using toilet paper rolls and glue, you now have a perfect desk organizer. Attach as many toilet paper rolls together as you’d like and place on your desk as a great place to store pencils, pens and scissors. Use paint to decorate the rolls to match any room or office. Buying desk organizers in the store can be costly but with this simple craft you can have an organized desk for little to no cost.


Wall Arttp roll wall art

There are many ways to decorate your wall with toilet paper rolls. Flatten the roll and cut into bands. Pop them open a bit so you have a flower pedal shape. Continue doing this with as many toilet paper rolls as you would like, until you have enough pedals to make a flower. Glue them to a canvas in the shape of a flower. The more bands you use the larger your flower will be. Or, you can glue them together in any pattern you’d like and hang them to your wall.

Power Cord Storage

tp roll Cord-StorageYou can use toilet paper rolls as a cheap and convenient way to keep all your power cords together and tangle free! Toilet paper rolls are easy to decorate and can be placed in drawers or even attached to a desk or wall. Perfect for kitchen appliances, hair straighteners, computer chargers and any other electronic device you have that needs to be kept neatly.

Noise makertp roll noise maker

For this project all you will need are toilet paper rolls, duct tape, milk bottle caps and beans or anything you’d like to use inside that will make noise. Simply take the toilet paper roll, place a milk bottle cap on one end and use the tape to attach the cap to the roll. Place the beans inside and attach another cap to the other end and you have a perfect noise maker. This fun and easy craft is great for kids and they will love bringing their finished noise maker to sporting events.

Bird feeder

tp roll bird feeder

Take a toilet paper roll and cover it with peanut butter. Then simply cover it with bird seeds and use string to hang it outdoors or place it on a tree branch. This makes a great bird feeder and kids will love making them and watching the birds come eat from their feeder.


Hewlett Packard’s New Printers Give Small Businesses an Edge

Although online marketing can help small businesses reach a global audience, many industries are still better suited to attract customers through printed media. One problem SMBs face is the cost of outsourcing their printing efforts.’s brand partner, HP, recognized the need for an affordable solution to in-house printing and created a new generation of color LaserJet and multifunction printers.

One such innovation is the HP Laserjet Pro 400. This multifunction printer gives small and medium businesses a competitive edge by bringing their printing operations in-house. The Pro 400 can create two-sided color documents automatically with its auto-duplexing feature. You can scan documents directly to email with a color resolution of 600 x 600 dpi (dots per inch). The HP printer is also blazingly fast at up to 21 pages per minute in color, with the first page produced as fast as 17 seconds. With all these features and more, the LaserJet Pro 400 is small enough to sit on a desk. recognizes Hewlett Packard as a technology leader who constantly keeps your personal and business needs in mind when developing new products. Visit today for superior HP printing solutions and genuine HP ink and toner cartridges.


ReStockIt now catering to the medical supply industry

All your medical business needs in one place.

At ReStockIt, we’re not just office supplies. We’re business supplies. Not only do we have everything you need to run your business, we understand the special needs unique to every industry we cater to. No other company makes it so easy to buy printer paper and triage and diagnostics supplies all in one place.

ReStockIt is more than a retailer; we’re your medical supply partner. Our products are organized in categories that are intuitive to medical professionals. For example, our Respiratory section includes nasal CPAP and BPAP masks, oxygen equipment, manual resuscitators and much more. In our Syringes and Needles section we make it easier than ever to find the exact type, CC and gauge your business uses. Once you’ve found everything, you can even set up automatic re-shipment of your items through our proprietary ReStocker auto-delivery feature and as a bonus, we offer 10% off to our ReStocker members.

ReStockIt’s 110% Price Match Guarantee, intuitive navigation, helpful customer service and wide selection ensures that your medical company will get the best deal possible on top brand medical devices and disposable medical supplies specific to your industry. Your shopping will be done before you know it! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us toll free at (800) 803-5207. Our customer service reps can make changing medical supply companies easy and ensure you are getting everything your business needs.…If your business needs it, we stock it for less!

Medical Supplies from


Incandescent Light Bulbs Getting Banned

Gov mandates incandescent bulb ban while LED technology improves

The federal government passed a law which will mandate energy efficiency goals for all light bulbs 40 watts and above, goals that traditional incandescent light bulbs cannot meet. This means that the 425 million traditional light bulbs currently in American homes will have to be replaced by an alternative technology. For those who love the soft glow of incandescent bulbs, websites like are stocking up on them in anticipation for the ban.

On top of this, fluorescent lights seem to be on their way out due to the amount of toxic mercury vapor released when broken, and the environmental costs of manufacturing them.

Fortunately, LED (light emitting diode) technology has advanced enough that it will become an affordable alternative to traditional bulbs around the same time that the old bulbs get banned from stores nationwide and online. The newest generation of LED bulbs from Sylvania produce a more natural light, and are just as bright as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. They last about twenty five years, consume less energy than fluorescents, and are less harmful to the environment.

At the moment however, although they are available in stores the cost of these new bulbs prohibits any significant demand for them. Americans are instead stocking up on the older technology before it is banned. California has already banned stores from restocking 100 watt incandescent bulbs since January of this year. Consumers who want or require 100 watt bulbs are now forced to buy 100 watt compact fluorescent bulbs, which are more expensive, toxic, and emit a color of light that make some people uncomfortable. LED light bulbs can be configured to mimic the warm, familiar color of incandescent bulbs but again, at the moment their price has prevented the American market from diving into this technology. Incandescent light bulbs have no expiration date so if you prefer the warm glow of incandescent light bulbs, get them before they are extinct!

Incandescent light bulb
Traditional bulbs available in bulk from
May is Stocking Up on Business Awards, the one-stop shop for business supplies, who has already earned thirteen distinct awards for rapid growth and innovation in business in only seven years, has become a finalist in the upcoming Miami Chamber of Commerce Good to Great Awards. The Good to Great Awards recognizes South Florida’s top performing companies and inspires businesses by highlighting the innovations and business practices of Florida business leaders. The judging panel takes all factors into consideration, such as customer service quality and the existence of proprietary website innovations such as the ReStocker Auto Delivery program. is a leading eTailer of supplies for Small Businesses with 200,000 items in categories including Restaurant Supplies, Office Supplies, Electronics and Tools. has grown from $14 million in revenue in 2008 to $26 million in 2010 and has been recognized as Business of the Year in 2008 and 2010 (by South Florida Business Journal ), the 3rd fastest growing Internet Retailer in the US (by Internet Retailer Magazine) and the #1 Fastest Growing Technology Company in South Florida (by South Florida Business Journal)


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