6 Office Safety Tips You Should Implement Right Now

Office safety is a crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being of your employees. With that said, sometimes, safety best practices are not prioritized or are completely ignored because emergency situations might not happen frequently. That should not be the case. Offices should be always stocked with necessary supplies and prepared for emergencies when they least expect them.

Are you in charge of your office’s safety efforts and are unsure of where to start? We can help. Keep reading to learn more about our top office safety tips you should be implementing right now.

  1. Always have a first aid kit nearby

One of the most important items that should be included in all offices is a well-stocked first aid kit. Even though employees may be seated at their desk for the majority of the day and are not working in a potentially dangerous environment, the need for a first aid kit can be often. So, what should you include in your office’s kit? Key supplies include:

For an even more comprehensive list, check out our What to Keep in My Office First Aid Kit blog post.

  1. Prepare an office exit plan

In case of a fire, tornado, flood, or anything in-between, your office should have an exit plan to ensure all employees know how to safely exit the building. Walk through an emergency drill, provide diagrams that clearly show where all exits are in the building, never block exits with supplies or equipment, and regularly test fire alarms to make sure they’re still working.

Lastly, install ‘Exit’ signs above doors for clear visuals in case of emergency. For example, LumAware offers energy-free photoluminescent safety signs that provide additional assistance in showing employees all exit options.

  1. Follow fire safety best practices

Fire and electrical safety should always be an important consideration when reviewing office precautions. Although some fires are out of one’s control, there are measured steps you can take to greatly decrease the chances of most fires that occur in the office.

  • Do not allow space heaters in the office. If permitted, make employees aware that they should be shut off immediately after use, and should not be used for extended periods of time.
  • Do not overload outlets with laptop and cell phone chargers, space heaters, or desk lamps.
  • Turn off all lights overnight.
  • Prohibit candles from being allowed to be lit inside the office.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher in the office and train your staff to understand how to use it.
  1. Offer CPR certification classes

Set up an onsite OSHA-compliant training session for your office to teach and train them in CPR, AED, and First Aid. If not the whole office, send your HR department to an offsite training workshop to educate a few employees on how to confidently perform CPR in case of emergency.

  1. Avoid weather-induced injuries

During the winter months and rainy season, place floor mats by all entrances for employees to wipe their feet on and to receive extra traction when walking inside. This will prevent injuries from slipping and falling when its wet or icy outside. Also, always salt the sidewalks along all entrances to prevent painful falls.

  1. Provide high-quality desk chairs

In most offices, employees are sitting at their desks almost all day. This can cause long-term joint and back issues if the chairs they are using are not high-quality. Combat injuries by offering multiple desk chair models for employees to choose from, including those with ergonomic capabilities. Also, routinely check in to see if their chairs are in working order or if they need a tune up.

And there you have it! 6 office safety tips your company should be implementing right now. Interested in learning more office tips and tricks? Check out our blog. Also, to find unbeatable deals on all your office’s needs, visit the ReStockIt website.

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  1. It’s a smart idea to have exit signs above doors so that there’s no confusion in an emergency. If your employees know where the exit, they’re not running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find a way out. I’m going to make sure that I don’t just get signs but that everyone knows where they are.

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