What Should I Keep in My Office’s First Aid Kit?

When it comes to supplies, an office manager is always on top of restocking toilet paper, paper towels, writing instruments and pads, and coffee. Restocking first aid supplies, on the other hand, is sometimes overlooked.

Although offices almost always have a first aid kit, it rarely includes all necessary supplies, with many expired medicines and outdated products. Office first aid kits should be consistently checked to make sure none of the supplies have run out. Unsure what you should be keeping in your office’s kit? Follow along below for a comprehensive list of items, as well as high-quality product recommendations.

What Should I Keep in My Office’s First Aid Kit?

Outside of keeping a stocked first aid kit in the office at all times, it’s also important for employees to be prepared for emergency situations. There should be a basic first aid manual within the box, as well as clear instructions for other emergencies to ensure employees are well prepared.

If you do not want to organize your office’s first aid kit manually or you need more than just a few refills, you can also find pre-packaged kits filled with the above items.

We hope this list will help you and your office become and stay prepared for any health or medical situations. Looking for more first aid supplies? Check out ReStockIt’s entire medical equipment and supply collection today!

*OSHA Standards require businesses to be in possession of specific first-aid supplies depending on your company’s industry. To learn more about additional supplies your business may need, please visit their Medical and First Aid Standards guide.

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