Swingline – Yeah, You Know the Name…

Milton Waddams, lover of the red Swingline stapler. We all know him, or at least have heard of him. In Office Space, Milton was the sniveling, whiny work-stalker who wouldn’t leave even though he’d been fired. And relocated to a janitor closet. Granted, we all felt bad for Milton until the end, but he was comic relief far more so than Ron Livingston and his other co-workers.

However, Milton’s love for his Swingline is well-founded. The stapler is a work horse! Not to mention it’s been around since 1925, albeit under a different company name, and the Swingline’s we know have been around since 1956! These products are just amazing. And their product lines have gone beyond the iconic stapler that Milton loves so much.

My mother had a Swingline that was probably from the 1960’s (she always said the late 50’s, but who knows for sure?). I know it was older than me. I was fascinated with staplers when I was a kid, much like most office products, and I loved to play with the thing. My parents ran their business out of the house, or rather their office was attached to the house, and I would sneak in there and staple papers together, or try to create artwork with staples.

I still have that Swingline. I use it every day, and it had pride of place on my desk. I even clean it. When it came into my possession, it was dusty with decades of paper lint and I carefully cleaned it until it looked brand new. This thing predates my sister, who is 11 years older than me, and still works with no problems; no jamming, or bent staples ever. I don’t know much, but I know when it comes time to replace it, I will be buying another Swingline!

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