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Earth Day, The Greener The Better!

Did you know that because plastic water bottles and cups are shielded from sunlight in landfills, they will not decompose for thousands of years? Read more »



More SPACE, we all need it and want it but how do we get it in the work place?  Read more »


A Memo From The Office Fridge

Stop, just stop! It’s too much! You open me, you close me. You love me, you leave me. You steal Joe’s yogurt and I’m stuck with the blame while my door is slammed. Read more »

The Most Brains Wins

Most Brains Win

by Verne Harnish, The “Growth Guy”


What do Google, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, eBay and Wikipedia have in common?

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May I Borrow That?

There is nothing more exasperating than to reach for your stapler and find that it has grown legs and walked right off your desk. Or your tape dispenser. Or your hidden stash of sticky notes, which were obviously not as well hidden as you thought. Or, holy nightmare, your favorite pen is gone!

I’ve compiled a list of the top five most often “borrowed” office supplies that we, and apparently other people, can’t live without. Maybe it’s time to glue things in place…


#5 – Stapler

Red Swingline Stapler. Cubicle dwellers everywhere are familiar with the cult movie Office Space, and Milton’s love of his red Swingline. Even with the popularity of paperless offices, a stapler is a linchpin in an office. We might not use them that much anymore, but we sure don’t like for ours to go missing from our desk.

#4 – Scissors

How many of you actually use your scissors on a daily basis? I don’t use mine except once in a blue moon, but I’m not a happy camper when I do need to use them and find them mysteriously missing. Did they rush off for a real-live rock-paper-scissors game?

3# – Paper Clips and Binder Clips

Same thing as the staplers, a lot of offices are trying to go paperless, so we tend not to use these as much. However, with the influx of cutesy, stylish binder clips and paper clips, we tend to personalize what we do have…and get angry when someone else has the same sense of style and flair and walk off with our own stash.

#2 – Paper and Post-it Notes

Post-it notes will never become obsolete, even in paperless offices. People live and die by their sticky notes. I have more sticky notes than one person can go through in a lifetime, and when they walk off with the scissors to compete in the office rock-paper-scissors game, I get very perturbed.

#1 – Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

Pens and other writing instruments need to be totally off limits. Really. Its like using someone else’s toothbrush. Writing tools are personal, and people are highly territorial about their pens, especially. I’ve seen people Hulk out over their pens going missing. People namely being me.


Cubicle Decorating

When I left the world of big box retailing and moved into e-commerce, I found myself with cubicles of bare fabric. Not drab gray, but still, nothing exciting. I was used to having activity and sounds and windows, so the transition was a bit…shocking. I wanted to hang pictures and calendars, but I didn’t really want to use push pins for everything. A push pin through my husband’s head in a picture was a bit morbid for my liking.

A co-worker saw me struggling with the dilemma and offered me a secret stash of Velcro strips that became heaven sent to me. I need to have stuff on my walls, and this solved the problem in a BIG way. Then she made the obvious comment, “You know, you do work for an office supply company, we have tons of stuff for cubicles.” In my defense, I had just started working for ReStockIt…

With the comment still fresh in my mind, I searched for “cubicle accessories” on our site and lo and behold, a new category of office supplies was opened to me. Bad idea, that, considering my addiction to office supplies, of which I have blogged about before. I never knew there was so much you could hang from your cubicle walls!

I have a fairly large desk, so I don’t need some of the stuff that we sell, but I went crazy buying clips and Velcro strips. I never have to worry about voodoo-like push pins again in someone’s head.  Actually, as I look around at my walls, I think they need to be rearranged…hmmm. How do you decorate your cubicle-away-from-home? With facts and figures or family pictures and goofiness?


Swingline – Yeah, You Know the Name…

Milton Waddams, lover of the red Swingline stapler. We all know him, or at least have heard of him. In Office Space, Milton was the sniveling, whiny work-stalker who wouldn’t leave even though he’d been fired. And relocated to a janitor closet. Granted, we all felt bad for Milton until the end, but he was comic relief far more so than Ron Livingston and his other co-workers.

However, Milton’s love for his Swingline is well-founded. The stapler is a work horse! Not to mention it’s been around since 1925, albeit under a different company name, and the Swingline’s we know have been around since 1956! These products are just amazing. And their product lines have gone beyond the iconic stapler that Milton loves so much.

My mother had a Swingline that was probably from the 1960’s (she always said the late 50’s, but who knows for sure?). I know it was older than me. I was fascinated with staplers when I was a kid, much like most office products, and I loved to play with the thing. My parents ran their business out of the house, or rather their office was attached to the house, and I would sneak in there and staple papers together, or try to create artwork with staples.

I still have that Swingline. I use it every day, and it had pride of place on my desk. I even clean it. When it came into my possession, it was dusty with decades of paper lint and I carefully cleaned it until it looked brand new. This thing predates my sister, who is 11 years older than me, and still works with no problems; no jamming, or bent staples ever. I don’t know much, but I know when it comes time to replace it, I will be buying another Swingline!

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Working 9-5

My husband and I had a movie weekend, where we just watched the cheesiest movies ever-horror and comedy alike. So since movies are on my mind this morning, I figured I would do a short blog about…office movies! And not drama’s either. No Wall Street, no Disclosure, nothing heavy, I want light and hilarious! The next five movies are my top five favorites of life in the office. Enjoy!


Not EXACLTY an office movie, but…he IS at work, after all. Hilarious who-dunnit with Simon Peg and Nick Frost, who brought us one of my other all-time favorite movies- Shaun of the Dead!


Ah, a young Micheal J Fox, fresh off the success of Family Ties, Back to the Future and many other notable films. He is an icon of my teens, and I will always love him!


Iconic. Cult Classic – one of the most hilarious movies ever to satirize office life. And to immortalize the Swingline red stapler. Oh, and to blatantly portray gratuitous violence against a fax machine. AND it introduced “flair” to the general public, those of us who didn’t work at a TGI Fridays’ or Peaches record store in the 80’s and early 90’s.


Brilliant! I will watch this movie every time its on TV, even if its the edited-for-content version. Who doesn’t dream of making it big AND getting the guy (or girl)? The little taste of revenge and raiding of the bosses closet also makes this a one-of-a-kind movie. Kudos to Mike Nichols!

And for my number one pick….

Sure it’s older (almost as old as I am), and none of the stars are really still making movies, but…its a laugh a minute! It has bad bosses, snoopy personal assistants, attempted murder, body theft, kidnapping, and frankly, a hilarious sequence of substance-induced fantasies involving the many ways to take revenge on dastardly, and creepily sleazy, Dabney Coleman, who plays those parts REALLY well. Its just a truly hilarious comedy that everyone should watch at least once.


Famous Desk of the Month: Office Space


Products from the desk of Milton in the movie Office Space

Milton Office Space Desk

Now all this can be yours! You're welcome.

Lets begin with the most famous office accessory in the movie business: Milton’s Rio Red Swingline Stapler. This Ferrari of the stapler world is engineered for quiet efficiency and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Milton’s cozy workspace is endowed with the luxury of Maxon cubicle panels, upholstered with the gentle touch of 100% polyester fiber.

The Initech employee ID badge is a sleek, self laminating technology available from Avery.

Milton’s shirt pocket, from left to right, is adorned with the reliable BIC retractable ballpoint, a Cross Classic fine writing roller ball with 23 karat gold accents, the timeless classic #2 wood pencil, the Zebra F-402 stainless steel retractable ballpoint high performance pen with a .7mm point, and the un-smudgable Action 44 permanent marker with utility clip.

When your stapler gets stolen, you’ll need to sanitize it. Although invisible, Milton used Purell instant hand sanitizer with Aloe, a one of a kind formula that actually makes your hands smoother while killing germs.

Milton likes to file in style. The snazzy file box behind Milton’s head is the Esselte card file with a black and white Agate marbled style.

We hope you enjoyed this Famous Desk of the Month. If you’d like our team of ex-military imagery analysts to analyze a scene from another movie, leave a comment or email us.


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