Product Review: Nady MPF-6 Microphone Pop Filter

The Nady MPF-6 pro mic pop filter.
The Nady MPF-6 pro mic pop filter.

 After taking a close look at this microphone vocal pop filter I can see why most people rate it at four or five stars. You get all-around professional quality at a suprisingly affordable price (only $18 at

This pop filter cuts down about 70% of all vocal sounds that would normally cause an abnormal wave form spike, AKA a “vocal pop”, with words that contain “P”, “T”, or “S”. The gooseneck is sturdy and will hold at any angle, and the clamp holds firm on any mic stand. The 6″ two-sided fabric diaphragm does an excellent job at preventing puffs of air from hitting the microphone, and can easily be switched out with a new one. If you use professional microphones for work or hobby and you have never used a pop filter, get one at and you will be shocked at the increase in sound quality.

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