Famous Desk of the Month: Office Space


Products from the desk of Milton in the movie Office Space

Milton Office Space Desk
Now all this can be yours! You're welcome.

Lets begin with the most famous office accessory in the movie business: Milton’s Rio Red Swingline Stapler. This Ferrari of the stapler world is engineered for quiet efficiency and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Milton’s cozy workspace is endowed with the luxury of Maxon cubicle panels, upholstered with the gentle touch of 100% polyester fiber.

The Initech employee ID badge is a sleek, self laminating technology available from Avery.

Milton’s shirt pocket, from left to right, is adorned with the reliable BIC retractable ballpoint, a Cross Classic fine writing roller ball with 23 karat gold accents, the timeless classic #2 wood pencil, the Zebra F-402 stainless steel retractable ballpoint high performance pen with a .7mm point, and the un-smudgable Action 44 permanent marker with utility clip.

When your stapler gets stolen, you’ll need to sanitize it. Although invisible, Milton used Purell instant hand sanitizer with Aloe, a one of a kind formula that actually makes your hands smoother while killing germs.

Milton likes to file in style. The snazzy file box behind Milton’s head is the Esselte card file with a black and white Agate marbled style.

We hope you enjoyed this Famous Desk of the Month. If you’d like our team of ex-military imagery analysts to analyze a scene from another movie, leave a comment or email us.

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