Want to ELIMINATE re-purchasing chores? Auto Delivery is the solution!

Every type of business out there orders supplies on a constant basis. Everyone needs paper towels, toilet paper, Clorox wipes, trash bags and other cleaning supplies. Bakers need bakery boxes, restaurants need plastic straws, offices need ink and toner, paper cups and copy paper. Instead of buying each of these items from a different store, why not get them all at the same time from ReStockIt.com? And if you sign up for the ReStocker program, you won’t even have to think about buying office supplies! Here’s how it works:

1. Find the items you buy on a regular basis. Test out the ReStocker feature by adding this case of copy paper to your cart. It’s perfect because it comes with free 1-2 day delivery.

2. Directly above the Add to Cart button, choose Auto Delivery and select how often you need it. In this case a re-order every two months is normal.

3. Complete the checkout process as normal and…you’re done! You can edit or cancel your ReStocker Auto Delivery settings at any time.

By joining the ReStocker program, you save time, stress, gas, product costs and shipping costs all at the same time! Plus, many items that are ReStockable also come with free shipping! ReStockIt.com’s ReStocker program really is the epitome of convenience in ordering what your company needs. Restockit.com is the first office supply e-Tailer to offer this level of convenience, according to Internet Retailer magazine. Learn all the details of the ReStocker program.

Multipurpose copy paper
Restock automatically on copy paper, with free shipping!

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