Hysterical Bathroom Graffiti (And The Best Ways to Remove It)


The writing is on the wall … and some of it’s funny.

If you’ve ever sat in a stall in a public bathroom, it’s likely you’ve viewed some graffiti now and again. And while you may find yourself pondering why anyone would want to take the time to doodle on the wall while they’re doing their business, the fact is, some of this stuff is not too shabby.

Here’s a collection of some of the funniest, weirdest, and dare we say, inspiring, graffiti that we’ve found. And to help those of you who are tasked with keeping the restroom graffiti-free, some tips on how to remove it (you may want to take a pic of the best ones before you erase them). Take a look:

The answer is the question

Image credit

If I were him, I’d be scared. It is a great drawing, though

Image credit

Fashion advice

Image credit


Image credit


Image credit

Even superheroes have to go

Image credit

Good point.

Image credit

The artist on this one had to be in there for quite some time

Image credit

Even something for all the SpongeBob fans!

Image credit

Seems legit.

Image credit

Wipe that stuff off the wall!


Now that you’ve enjoyed a giggle or a pensive moment or two, here are some tips on how to remove graffiti from the bathroom wall. Depending on the surface of your walls and whether or not it’s painted, there are a variety of products that may be able help you get rid of writing and drawings. Of course, it also depends on what the artist used to deliver their message – spray paint, permanent markers, felt-tip pens, and knife blades are common instruments used on bathroom walls.


Perhaps the bigger question here is why would anyone be carrying around a can of spray paint when they are using your bathroom? Hmmmm. If you’re really lucky, the graffiti was created with a pencil, which is easily wiped clean with a common cleanser. On the other hand, if your scribblers are a bit more artistic, you can try these:


Boardwalk Vandalism Mark Remover – A tough cleanser that can remove spray paint, permanent marker, crayon, lipstick, ballpoint ink, and more.


Motsenbocker’s Lift OffÒ Spray Paint Graffiti RemoverFor those advanced designs created with spray paint, this biodegradable and water-based-formula cleaner is highly effective on numerous surfaces, including concrete, brick, plastic, and metal.


ITW Dymon Graffiti and Spray Paint RemoverThese cleansing towels have a special formula to break down and dissolve paint. And they’re safe to use on various wall surfaces.


While viewing graffiti can sometimes be entertaining, it’s less so when you’re the one who has to keep the restroom sparkling clean. Stock up on these cleansers and make sure you’re armed with what you need to eliminate the “artwork” and “philosophical thoughts” of those who visit your facilities.


And although we can’t spare you from seeing some of the less appealing graffiti, we can save you a lot of money on all your restroom supplies. Buy in bulk and save even more on everyday items like toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap. We even have hands-free dispensers and hand dryers to decrease both paper usage and germs.

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