Protecting Your Assets

Who would rob from Girl Scouts? I mean, really. I know the recession is hitting most of us hard, but c’mon, they are little girls trying to get badges so they can grow up to become responsible adults! Well, apparently some people out there in the country feel its okay to rob from the Scouts, so they need better cash boxes!

Not that the cash boxes can’t be taken; they can, but some are pick proof, so if the box is kept locked between customers, and the key is hidden away from the box, it won’t be so easy to get into. And of course, this doesn’t just go for Girl Scouts. Anyone who has a need for a cash box should get the best available, and not scrimp on the cost.


Keeping a cash box in your house is also a very smart idea for small valuables and spare cash. They can be hidden, and the key kept with you at all times. My father used to keep his cash box in the attic under a piece of insulation! Our house was broken into four times, but they never found that cash box.

I have a fire-rated cash box that I store all of our important papers in, and it stays under the bed. The papers are only important to us, but I need to keep them safe, and a plain old cash box won’t do. My husband has been talking about getting an electronic cash box for a bit of extra added safety, so that is next on our list!


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