Pencil Art to Extreme

I’ve talked many times in the blog about art made from office supplies, and pencils aren’t a topic I’ve touched on before. This is odd, considering I’ve been watching Dalton Ghetti’s work for a while now. He.Is.AMAZING. He actually makes it look so easy, and I want to try it myself, but I know I’d end up cutting off the tip of a finger or something.

He takes pencils and sculpts the most detailed miniatures from them, and I just don’t get how he does it! First off, he has to keep that X-acto knife of his crazy-sharp, and the patience it has to take is epic. The finished product is astounding, and so perfect that you just can’t believe it came about from something so tiny as a pencil lead! I can go on and on, and spout numerous adjectives to describe his work, but I think I’ll let it speak for itself. Enjoy!


Special Thanks to Dalton Ghetti and Sloan Howard Photography!

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