Correction Fluid Do-Overs

With the invention of Liquid Paper in the 50’s (originally called Mistake Out), we have been correcting our typing and writing mistakes with alacrity, and thanking Bette Nesmith Graham (Liquid Paper’s inventor) for her bad typing skills and inventiveness. Granted, with our technology today, correction fluid use is becoming obsolete, but I still use it around the house for notes and forms.

I started thinking about something though the last time I used my little correction pen. What would I use correction fluid for in my life? Bad mistakes, bad decisions, that terrible perm in 1989? So I decided to ask around and see what everyone else would Wite-Out, and I brought their answers to you. What would you erase, if you had the inclination?


1) The first digit of the mortgage balance – this one is kind of self-explanatory. Who wouldn’t want to owe less on their mortgage?

2) Excess inches on the waistline – again, pretty self-explanatory.

3) Excess monthly payments – car payment, house payment, credit card payments, etc. Yeah, this is one of my favorites!

4) The years between age 18-23 – I didn’t ask, and they didn’t specify…

5) Exes – boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, spouses…whether its hurt or extreme dislike, people want to forget certain relationships.

6) Bad habits – smoking, gambling, over-eating, spending. Basically, fun things that are no good for you.

7) Bad Hair – That perm I mentioned in 1989, the blunt bangs that no one should wear, the really bad magenta dye job…

8) Body imperfections – Double chins, big noses, droopy eyes, bad complexions all made the list.

9) Negativity – From road rage to rudeness, one of the biggest things people wanted to erase was negative attitudes and feelings.

10) Debt – not current debt, but past debt. Bad credit decisions, equity loss in the real estate crash, etc.

And one last candidate, a late-comer to the poll –

11) What happened in Vegas – need I say more?


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