The Hook-Ups

There’s nothing like tearing open a Christmas gift and seeing that piece of technology that you always wanted. A TV, a camera, a computer tablet…whatever it is, you are excited! The first thing you want to do is hook it up, but then you realize you’re missing something.

When you get a game system or a new Blu-Ray player, you need an HDMI cord to bring out the best features, but these items don’t come with something as necessary as that – because obviously you need to spend more money to get the full effect! Or you get a Kindle or Nook, and the wall charger isn’t included. Lets not forget all the extra batteries you’ll need to buy for remotes and smaller electronics.


Let’s say you got a Playstation 3, which comes with one controller, but there is at least 4 people in the house that want to play at the same time. You need to get extra game controllers! So you spend Christmas day taking turns playing games. That’s no fun! You all want to play the games together! Also, you now have all of these devices that charge via USB but only a certain amount of ports on your computer, so now you need a multi-port USB charger.

With the majority of our electronics have touch screens or delicate LCD screens, you have to be able to maintain them, so you need screen protectors and cleaning cloths, so you don’t create static electricity and short-circuit them! In the end though, you have what you always wanted, and get to enjoy it!


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