Is 3 A.M. Too Early to Shop? NO!

What possesses sane, normal people to wake up from a turkey-induced coma, throw on some semblance of clothing (most people just stay in their jammies though), and shuffle out into the cold, dark early morning hours? Not the threat of nuclear war, or a zombie invasion, but shopping. Shopping, shopping, shopping! Awesome deals, deep discounts, and the competition.

You know it as well as I do. There is something visceral about snatching the last video game, or computer, or Elmo doll out from under someone’s grasping fingers and knowing that you were the victor in that battle. You were faster, you were more observant, and they lost. You win!

With Black Friday getting closer and closer (not to mention T-Day) this wacky Wednesday trivia is all about the best shopping day of the year. Enjoy, be safe, don’t go crazy and get your shopping shoes ready!

  • Black Friday is called that because it is the most profitable day of the year for retailers everywhere (followed closely by Cyber Monday for e-commerce)
  • The term Black Friday was first used to refer to the shopping day after Thanksgiving in 1961…
  • …But it originated in 1869 during the financial crisis that occurred on Friday
  • The first city police department to have a problem with Black Friday shoppers was Philadelphia
  • The shopping rush on Black Friday is responsible for at least one death, and many injuries.
  • This is the only holiday, which is not made official and yet celebrated as a holiday. And retailers run midnight sales to attract customers.
  • 2008 was the only year that saw a plunge in the sales of electronics in the Black Friday history.

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