featured partner: Kimberly Clark is proud to feature our partner, Kimberly Clark, today. Kimberly Clark is not a company name that is well known publicly, however it’s subsidiary companies are some of the most recognized brands in the market today. Kimberly Clarks well-known brands include Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Poise and Depend. In fact, you probably use Kimberly Clark products every day without knowing it.

Kimberly Clark has been an American pioneer of healthcare products for over 140 years. They invented Kleenex, the world’s first facial tissue. They also revolutionized the baby and adult incontinence care industry in the USA with the Depend brand. Most of their brands have turned out to be household names. They also cater to medical professionals for a wide array of sterile healthcare equipment. Visit today to get the best deals on Kimberly Clark products.

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