More Than a Cup

We’ve all heard that song. The one about everyone’s favorite, the red Solo cup! It’s become synonymous with friends, good times, and summer fun. What if I told you though, that your Solo cup was now part of another iconic brand? Dart Container and Solo have come together to bring you the best of both…

Take a Break!

Across the country folks are getting ready to take a break. Labor Day is the holiday to celebrate the worker, the employee, the average person, doing their thing to make a living and make this country run.

Summer is Here!

Greetings everyone! Your favorite blogger here (ok, fifth favorite?). Oh it’s that time of year, folks. Time to light the grill, spread your picnic blanket and chill your beer. The beginning of backyard barbeque blowouts is here!

A Taste of Summer

Spring is here and summer is not far behind, which means plenty of backyard BBQs, pool side parties, and outdoor office outings.

Hot ‘n Bothered

Did you know that  in the United States, July is considered to be the busiest month of the summer?  

Happy Birthday, USA!

Glorious,majestic, magnificent star-spangled celebration that is July 4th!  We the people pull out all of the stops to commemorate the founding of our great nation in 1776. 

Can liners save lives!

We’re all guilty of  adding  just one more bit of  garbage to the already  overstuffed trash, keeping fingers crossed that the bag doesn’t burst as we roll the can out to the sidewalk or dumpster. 

Back to School Shopping Starts Now!

When you see the back to school displays in the stores, you know that summer is half way over. Or you realize that retailers are an overzealous lot. Stores are filled with big yellow displays full of pencils, pens, pads, protractors, small refrigerators and computers. Almost anything in a store can be considered a back-to-school…

Picnics, BBQ’s, gatherings… the last hurrah of summer!

Invitations are sent out (via letter, email, text, Twitter, or Facebook), food is purchased, adult and not-so-adult beverages are bought, music playlists are created, and the grill is primed and ready. It’s the last big party of the summer, and you are prepared. Or not. The doubts creep in…is the pool clean? Did we spray…

Mid-Summer Cleaning Frenzy!

A few blogs back, I extolled the virtues and myriad uses of Windex.  It’s just one of my favorite cleaners, what can I say? Around this time of year, however, I do a mid-summer clean. It’s halfway between spring cleaning and holiday cleaning, and it’s a massive undertaking. I bring out some of the big…

A little taste of summer – my Key Lime Pie recipe!

I live in Florida, where summertime means beaches, sun, 3 PM thunderstorms and key lime pie. Everyone knows about beaches and sun, and no one wants to know about clockwork thunderstorms (unless you’re a meteorologist, in which case contact me and we’ll talk) so I’m going to impart a well-guarded recipe for key lime pie…

You say you want to be in pictures…

What about taking the picture? Its summer time and the photo ops are perfect! Days at the lake, days at the beach, day hikes in the mountains…what could be better? I dabble in photography; besides this blog, it’s one of my creative outlets and although my specialty is landscapes, I like candids of my family…