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Mom’s Take-Out

The big holidays are over, but other small ones are fast approaching, and this begs the question: How are you going to send home leftovers from that party and get your storage containers back? I hate sending leftovers home for just that reason, because those little containers are pricey!

Well, that’s an easy fix! Last year, I bought take-out containers. That way, I send home food so it doesn’t stay in my house and get tossed, and I don’t worry about having to go out and buy a whole new slew of plastic storage containers! And I really hate having to do that…


The beauty is, you can get whatever you want, for whatever budget you have. You can get foam food containers, in a one compartment, two compartments, or three compartments. You can get plastic deli containers or aluminum containers. Heck, you can even get foam trays and just use plastic wrap to seal it up.

Personally, I like to use the little Chinese restaurant containers for a funky touch, or you can get the paper food trays like they use at fairs and festivals. With Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day coming up (my husband and his family are Irish, so we have huge St Paddy’s Day parties), I have to dig my containers out of storage for the occasion. That’s another plus! They last forever, unless of course you throw massive parties with 300+ people! Party on, and send home leftovers without fear!



Shall I Make An Appointment?

With 2013 arriving, resolutions are being made and appointments are being set. Doctor’s appointments are on the rise, since the first part of the year is when most people get their annuals, and summer vacations are being planned. Parties, conferences, trade shows…all things that you need to keep track of. How do you keep track of all the appointments and engagements? Besides your phone and Outlook calendar?


If you’re anything like me, it’s with a funky planner. Something with style and pizazz. Inherently me, but with a practical side. Also, I have so much going on in my life that I need my phone, my Outlook calendar, AND a planner. You just never know when you might forget to put that important meeting with the boss in one of them, so for me, triplicate is best.

Everyone has different styles of what works best for them, whether it’s blocked in a monthly format, a lined daily format, or a mixture of both. I like having a place to jot notes on the side of the page as opposed to an area in the back of the book. Some people like a planner that has a closure to it, others don’t want to fuss with a zipper or a snap. Regardless of your style, have fun with your planner, let it reflect your personality and style! That way, when you see that appointment for a root canal, at least it’s in a book with a cheery cover!




I have been very open in my obsession with organizing. I’ve blogged many times about it, and I wonder sometimes if I’m not getting worse. Regardless, my life is not complete if I don’t organize. I feel like something is missing, like I’ve left the stove on or something. The holidays are no different.  I organize them down to the nth degree.

I also put together my new household notebook in December as well. Yes, we live in a digital age, and I do have spreadsheets and planners and budgets saved to the computer and my calendar, but I grew up when paper was king and the chief form of communication. Plus I really like a cute 3-ring binder. It’s just easier to grab and jot a note.


I divide my binder into sections, using full-sheet tabbed dividers, and incorporate things like Household Chores, Food, Schedules, etc. That way not only I know what I’m doing, but my husband knows as well. I’ve tried putting dates and to-do’s in his phone calendar, but I don’t think he pays much attention to it. His phone usage consists of texting, IMDB searches, and video games.

I also have a pencil pouch, so that I can keep different colored pens and highlighters in there, because I have to make organizing fun, or else it doesn’t get done. And I need to be organized. Otherwise I’m like a dog, easily distracted by something shiny. And it’s not as hard as it sounds to keep a household notebook. You can keep a small one, or carry around a big one. I also keep sticky notes with me, and at the end of the night, just before bed, I jot everything down into the binder that I’ve written on the sticky notes! Simple, organized, and keeps my sanity!



The Procrastination Paradox and How to Beat It

The main cause of procrastination comes from a failure to clearly define goals. Without knowing exactly how to reach your goals we hesitate to take action. From now on, write them down in a daily planner. Why a daily planner? Because in order to beat procrastination you’ll need the inspiration that comes from seeing yourself get closer to your goals every day. When you write down your goals and tasks, you strengthen your commitment to do them. Also, a physical planner is faster to reference and harder to avoid than a typed task list. has a variety of organizational supplies that serve the same purpose and may better fit your lifestyle.

Get a daily planner and keep it with you at all times. On your bedside table, put your planner on top of your cell phone at night, so you cannot avoid running into it in the morning. Look forward to the reward of checking your tasks off of the list. Over time, the daily planner will fill up with completed tasks and will become an inspirational feel-good charm that can help you overcome feelings of procrastination in the future. Make sure you reward yourself accordingly so that you start having positive feelings about your workload. Perhaps a fancy pen?

I found an article by Real Simple Magazine about procrastination that caught my eye. A week later, when I got around to reading it, I found it most helpful! Then again, I hadn’t written about it in my planner. You can also learn more about office organization methods on the website.


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