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Mom’s Take-Out

The big holidays are over, but other small ones are fast approaching, and this begs the question: How are you going to send home leftovers from that party and get your storage containers back? I hate sending leftovers home for just that reason, because those little containers are pricey!

Well, that’s an easy fix! Last year, I bought take-out containers. That way, I send home food so it doesn’t stay in my house and get tossed, and I don’t worry about having to go out and buy a whole new slew of plastic storage containers! And I really hate having to do that…


The beauty is, you can get whatever you want, for whatever budget you have. You can get foam food containers, in a one compartment, two compartments, or three compartments. You can get plastic deli containers or aluminum containers. Heck, you can even get foam trays and just use plastic wrap to seal it up.

Personally, I like to use the little Chinese restaurant containers for a funky touch, or you can get the paper food trays like they use at fairs and festivals. With Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day coming up (my husband and his family are Irish, so we have huge St Paddy’s Day parties), I have to dig my containers out of storage for the occasion. That’s another plus! They last forever, unless of course you throw massive parties with 300+ people! Party on, and send home leftovers without fear!



Wacky Trivia Wednesday!

So I’ve noticed that on Wednesday’s, I tend to get a little goofy. It’s the halfway point of the week, Friday is over the horizon and in sight, and there is a faint celebratory mood. No matter how much you love your job, Friday is still something to look forward to. I’d like to think that wacky trivia Wednesday is also something to look forward to!

We love weird information at ReStockIt, and I love compiling it. Don’t judge; my useless knowledge of trivia has won me many a free item! There’s nothing like getting a pop trivia quiz at Starbucks and winning your Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte. Everyone knows that its fall when Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte…

In honor of October, and Halloween, I bring you some spookilicious trivia to commemorate! Enjoy!

  • Jack o’ Lanterns originated in Ireland where people placed candles in hollowed-out turnips and potatoes to keep away spirits and ghosts on Samhain holiday
  • Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America (love me some Tootsie Rolls!)
  • The ancient Celts thought that spirits and demons roamed the countryside on Samhain. They began wearing masks to avoid being recognized as humans
  • There is actually a Count Dracula Society. It was formed in 1962 by Dr. Donald A. Reed.
  • The iconic Michael Meyers mask from the movie “Halloween” is just a mask of William Shatner from Star Trek painted white.
  • In the United States, the first citywide celebration was in Anoka Minnesota in 1921.
  • Orange and black are Halloween colors because orange is associated with the Fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death.
  • Over $1.5 billion is spent on costumes each year and more than $2.5 billion on other Halloween paraphernalia (three people in particular here at ReStockIt contribute a hefty amount to that 2.5 billion).
  • Over 10% of pet owners dress their pets in Halloween costumes
  • Trick or treating had its roots in Europe. The custom known as “souling” dates back to the 9th century. On All Soul’s Day which is November 2nd, the poor would walk through the villages and go door to door begging for food. They would be given “soul cakes” which is a type of pastry made from bread and currants. They would promise to pray for dead relatives in return for receiving the “soul cakes”.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Party Time!

We are a fun office. I mean that sincerely. This has got to be one of the most fun places I’ve ever worked for. We laugh, and go out, and have parties, and celebrate milestones together. We take care of our own.

Once a month, we gather together and celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. We have food (mostly healthy.Mostly.) and drink (not that kind of drink) and we crack jokes and embarrass the birthday person, all in good fun. We talk football, movies, TV shows, basketballs, college anything, kids, houses…whatever! We play games and laugh at each other. And we enjoy it. We enjoy being with each other.

Some department heads take their individual employees out to lunch for their birthday, and our Customer Service department gets together outside of work every other month or so for a night out. We have holiday parties and gatherings, give atta-boys at our weekly meetings, and generally foster a sense of camaraderie.

When one of us gets sick, we all team together to take care of their duties until they get back. If one of us ends up in the hospital, we visit and send cards and flowers. We make sure they’re taken care of because when one of us is down, it affects us all.

It helps to love where you work. It’s awesome to have a company that is more family than employer and it’s fantastic to have co-workers whom you honestly like! How can you make your office more like family? What can you do to make your work space lively?


An Ode to the Perfect Drink Receptacle: Red Solo Cup

As a recent song and video have shown us, the iconic red Solo cup is our choice for our drinks. Whether it be at an office party, or our back yard barbeque, the red Solo cup has gone the distance to prove its worthy status as a primary beverage repository.

Though it IS available in other colors, the red color is the most popular, and the one this author always uses. And let’s face it, it’s just really handy. It can be written on, it has a textured grip, it doesn’t break very easily, and frankly they just look awesome:

A classic red Solo cup is hefty, it has weight, and can easily survive a whole night of beer or soda refills!

We use them as impromptu water guns. No, you can’t fashion them into a gun (they aren’t THAT amazing), but using them to scoop water into and then tossing on your target works fabulously!

I once had one Solo cup last through 15 refills in the pool before the first crack appeared and THAT, my friend, is impressive.

There’s a reason that song was created, and it wasn’t because of a bet. Poems have been written extolling its virtue’s…okay well, maybe one or two, including the ones below:

Oh red Solo cup

Your color is maple leaves

Ripening in fall

You light up the room

No matter what you contain

Red Solo cup flame

I didn’t say they were good poems, just that they were about a red Solo cup.

People feel very strongly about their red Solo cups. They have loyalty to the brand, and Solo knows that it has a good thing going. The cup hasn’t changed much in all the years that I’ve been using it, except for the really nice grip area, and most people are like me, using it year after year for everything they can think of to use it for.

Let’s touch on some uses and virtues. In addition to various liquids that can be consumed from a red Solo cup, they can be used as a mold, to hold up ice cream cones for filling, they can be used as a centerpiece (well…that’s debatable), as everyday glass ware (guilty), and as a means of making your animals mad.

Truly, these cups are the perfect receptacle!


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