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The Artist Within

I’ve always admired people who can draw, because I can barely draw a straight line. Well, that’s not entirely true. I spent an entire summer when I was twelve learning how to draw a horse head. See terrible example below. As you can see, I have reason to admire people who can do what I so obviously cannot.

My son can draw, as can his father and grandfather. Their family is very artistic, and use most mediums – pencils, watercolor, pastels, paint…you name it, they can make beauty from it.  I’m actually kind of jealous. I was cleaning my son’s room this weekend, and came across an art kit that his grandfather got him for Christmas last year, and it got me thinking about all the pretty pictures that I could find on the internet.

So this morning, being the thoughtful person I am and knowing how much everyone who reads this blog likes artwork, I decided to bring you some beautiful pencil art that I came across on the web. After I subject you to my horse head. Enjoy!

Pencil Art Strip Complete


Photos Credits:

Pencil Art to Extreme

I’ve talked many times in the blog about art made from office supplies, and pencils aren’t a topic I’ve touched on before. This is odd, considering I’ve been watching Dalton Ghetti’s work for a while now. He.Is.AMAZING. He actually makes it look so easy, and I want to try it myself, but I know I’d end up cutting off the tip of a finger or something.

He takes pencils and sculpts the most detailed miniatures from them, and I just don’t get how he does it! First off, he has to keep that X-acto knife of his crazy-sharp, and the patience it has to take is epic. The finished product is astounding, and so perfect that you just can’t believe it came about from something so tiny as a pencil lead! I can go on and on, and spout numerous adjectives to describe his work, but I think I’ll let it speak for itself. Enjoy!


Special Thanks to Dalton Ghetti and Sloan Howard Photography!

Fun and Funky

I like to showcase cool desk decorations and office supplies; even if it’s something we don’t carry, because part of enjoying your work is being able to decorate your home away from home. One of my favorite things to use is magnets! You get funny, witty sayings that bring a smile to your face.

I know that some feel that certain things shouldn’t be depicted because it lowers morale or something like that, who knows, but I LOVE my job, really, but I like silly magnets that say stupid things! They’re FUNNY! So here are a few magnets to have at your desk to brighten your day. Enjoy!

Magnet Blog 1

Ahh, a grouping of fun! You can buy these on this site, along with other fun desk decorations!



Magnet Blog 2

I’m big on retro magnets, no matter the subject. This site has a lot of fun stuff!



Magnet Blog 3

I think I coined this phrase. A long time ago, of course, back when I was an irresponsible young adult just making my way in the world…(buy it here)



Magnet Blog 4 We don’t have donuts here. Nor hot office gossip since we’re small and we know everyone.   We do have great coffee though! This site has more than one great item.


Magnet Blog 5

I like quotes and I love sarcasm. I love this site, too. I just bought a bunch of silly notepads from them!


Magnet Blog 6

If you’re in a committed relationship, you know all about male refrigerator blindness. Check out other awesome magnets here.


Office Supply Nostalgia

Today’s offices are so efficient that most of them don’t even use paper anymore. Everything is digital, and some are even moving away from CD’s and moving to online cloud storage to communicate with other businesses and clients. USB flash drives have become so inexpensive that they are now the portable storage of choice.

Who remembers typewriters? I remember the sound of an office in full swing, the clickety-clack of typing echoing throughout. Then there were the whispered curses when a mistake was made and the Wite-Out was needed or the correction tape. Oh, and the awesome sound of a dot-matrix printer, slowly going back and forth, printing in black and white dots.


Computers were room sized until the bulky desktops were introduced that used floppy disks and had a whopping 20 megs (MB) of hard drive space! We had copiers that needed their own rooms, that were so intimidating with all their trays and doors. I always hated making copies on them.

Fax machines were equally confounding, and I avoided them at all costs. The loud screeching noise was annoying, and then the machine would beep loudly if I did something wrong (which was usually all the time) and I would walk away, embarrassed that I couldn’t master a stupid machine. I do, however, miss the simple desk phones that were common. This multi-line, many-buttoned phone that we use now never works right for me. I think it hates me. What retro office supplies do you remember?


Photo Credits:

And Now for Something Unusual

It’s no secret we at ReStockIt love office supplies – we work for an office supply company! Binder, file folders, pens, organizers, printers…we love it all. We love to personalize our desks too, with toys and figurines and funny posters or magnets. Sometimes though, we have to break from the ReStockIt inventory and find funky stuff on our brethren sites.

Today, I’m going to showcase the top 10 items I’ve found mining on other websites; some of them are fun, some are functional, and some are fun AND functional. And they will all probably end up on my desk in the near future. Enjoy the selection, and have fun today! It’s Friday!

Funky Blog 1

How much fun are these? You can find them here, and turn anything on your desk into an inanimate object of expression, and you too can be Tom Hanks and Wilson, without all the hair and not eating.




Funky Blog 2

File Folders that speak volumes, sold at one of my favorite sites. And a *little* bit of the truth, admit it.




Funky Blog 3

Whimsical and fun, these bird clips are a conversation starter worth squawking about. Sorry, I had to. Find them here.






Funky Blog 4

Another great find at Paper Source.It’s Panic Pete, need I say more? Squish him and his eyes and ears bug out! How is that NOT stress relieving??




Funky Blog 5

Yes, I am fond of file folders, especially those with words of wisdom and wit. It just makes it fun to actually use them. Buy them here.




Funky Blog 6

A stapler with a “meh” face? Perfect. I think Urban Office is going to be a fave of mine.




Funky Blog 7

Yes, yes more file folders, but aren’t they pretty?? I love this site!





Funky Blog 8

Okay, this is one of my favorites, because its gremlins and steam-punky all in one. And its a neat little game to play when you have those rare moments of office boredom…you can find it here.





Funky Blog 9

Magnets are just fun, period. And functional. And these encompass those qualities and more, along with nostalgia for some vinyl. You can find more retro items here.





Funky Blog 10

A miniaturized Skee Ball game. ‘Nuff said. There’s more desk top games to be found at this site though, if Skee Ball isn’t your game. Weirdo.


Who’s Calling Please?

I love phones. It’s one of those collectible things, I guess, but I love them. I hate answering them, and I am not one of those people that could talk for hours on a phone, but still, I love them. I was going to do a retro office supply blog today, and I will still do one possibly next week, but today I am devoting the blog to something we can’t live without: the telephone.

Telephones have come a long way, even in my time. When I was a kid, I was excited when we got our first push button phone, and I no longer had to use the annoying rotary dial one. It always scared me; I thought I was going to get my finger stuck in it. Our first push button phone was an ugly almond phone on the kitchen wall, and it had a really long cord that we all tripped on, especially when my sister would be on it because she would pull the cord as far as it would go and talk on the patio. Navigating out of the kitchen became a limbo game.


When we got our first cordless phone, with the metal extendable antenna that always broke, I was in heaven. That’s when I spent hours on the phone with my best friend, and I could walk all over the house while we talked and not be stuck in the kitchen. That was also around the time that second lines became popular in homes, along with the advent of call waiting, and I begged for those features! My mom eventually caved because she actually wanted to use the phone as well, and it was usually glued to my ear from the time I came home from school till I went to bed.

Now, with cell phones being our predominant phone method of communication, a lot of homes have done away with the lowly land line. Gone are the days of kitchen wall phones with 20 foot cords and cordless phones with no reception because the metal antenna broke off. Collectors try to hold on for nostalgia’s sake, and buy princess phones, old-fashioned wall phones, novelty phones, and the ones I lovingly refer to as tanks – the squat, square ones that were commonly found in offices but people had them at home too. What weird items do you like to collect? Are you a retro phone lover too?



Correction Fluid Do-Overs

With the invention of Liquid Paper in the 50’s (originally called Mistake Out), we have been correcting our typing and writing mistakes with alacrity, and thanking Bette Nesmith Graham (Liquid Paper’s inventor) for her bad typing skills and inventiveness. Granted, with our technology today, correction fluid use is becoming obsolete, but I still use it around the house for notes and forms.

I started thinking about something though the last time I used my little correction pen. What would I use correction fluid for in my life? Bad mistakes, bad decisions, that terrible perm in 1989? So I decided to ask around and see what everyone else would Wite-Out, and I brought their answers to you. What would you erase, if you had the inclination?


1) The first digit of the mortgage balance – this one is kind of self-explanatory. Who wouldn’t want to owe less on their mortgage?

2) Excess inches on the waistline – again, pretty self-explanatory.

3) Excess monthly payments – car payment, house payment, credit card payments, etc. Yeah, this is one of my favorites!

4) The years between age 18-23 – I didn’t ask, and they didn’t specify…

5) Exes – boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, spouses…whether its hurt or extreme dislike, people want to forget certain relationships.

6) Bad habits – smoking, gambling, over-eating, spending. Basically, fun things that are no good for you.

7) Bad Hair – That perm I mentioned in 1989, the blunt bangs that no one should wear, the really bad magenta dye job…

8) Body imperfections – Double chins, big noses, droopy eyes, bad complexions all made the list.

9) Negativity – From road rage to rudeness, one of the biggest things people wanted to erase was negative attitudes and feelings.

10) Debt – not current debt, but past debt. Bad credit decisions, equity loss in the real estate crash, etc.

And one last candidate, a late-comer to the poll –

11) What happened in Vegas – need I say more?


Photo Credits:

May I Borrow That?

There is nothing more exasperating than to reach for your stapler and find that it has grown legs and walked right off your desk. Or your tape dispenser. Or your hidden stash of sticky notes, which were obviously not as well hidden as you thought. Or, holy nightmare, your favorite pen is gone!

I’ve compiled a list of the top five most often “borrowed” office supplies that we, and apparently other people, can’t live without. Maybe it’s time to glue things in place…


#5 – Stapler

Red Swingline Stapler. Cubicle dwellers everywhere are familiar with the cult movie Office Space, and Milton’s love of his red Swingline. Even with the popularity of paperless offices, a stapler is a linchpin in an office. We might not use them that much anymore, but we sure don’t like for ours to go missing from our desk.

#4 – Scissors

How many of you actually use your scissors on a daily basis? I don’t use mine except once in a blue moon, but I’m not a happy camper when I do need to use them and find them mysteriously missing. Did they rush off for a real-live rock-paper-scissors game?

3# – Paper Clips and Binder Clips

Same thing as the staplers, a lot of offices are trying to go paperless, so we tend not to use these as much. However, with the influx of cutesy, stylish binder clips and paper clips, we tend to personalize what we do have…and get angry when someone else has the same sense of style and flair and walk off with our own stash.

#2 – Paper and Post-it Notes

Post-it notes will never become obsolete, even in paperless offices. People live and die by their sticky notes. I have more sticky notes than one person can go through in a lifetime, and when they walk off with the scissors to compete in the office rock-paper-scissors game, I get very perturbed.

#1 – Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

Pens and other writing instruments need to be totally off limits. Really. Its like using someone else’s toothbrush. Writing tools are personal, and people are highly territorial about their pens, especially. I’ve seen people Hulk out over their pens going missing. People namely being me.


Back to Work!

For most of us, it’s the first full work week in 2013. A lot of companies and businesses were closed on the 1st, and maybe got out of work a little early on the 31st, or were completely lucky and had a full four-day weekend! Regardless, last week was a short, chopped-up week for a lot of us, and now it’s time to suit up and go back to work!


It’s also time to replenish supplies for your office, such as toners, copy paper, calendars, new sticky notes, etc. It’s time to go shopping! Shopping is shopping, whether its clothes or office supplies, and it should be fun, not a chore. If you’re like those of us here at ReStockIt, we love shopping for office supplies, and use any excuse to do so!

Need new pens? Fancy ones, plain ones, roller ball or gel, we have them! Is your New Year resolution to organize your desk? We can help! Do you stock the mail room? Check out all our mail room supplies! Is it time to finally replace that white board? We have a huge selection of them, for every budget! No matter what you need, we can help you restock your office with the right supplies.



Office Gift Exchange Ideas

With the holidays in full swing, many offices are having gift exchanges and there is usually a monetary amount to adhere to, so what to buy? Especially if you don’t know who is going to get the gift! Why buy a bottle of wine when there is a chance that it’ll go to the office teetotaler? How awkward would THAT be? I’m facing that same dilemma, and found some really great gift ideas at, in the interest of brotherly eCommerce love. I’m especially fond of the Executive Decision Maker and the Genius Paperweight.  The Hulk Flash Drive, however, is all ours!




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