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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s day! For those of you living under a Shamrock, St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17th.   A day of revelry, good food, great beer Read more »


Nagging Snacks!

‘Tis the season for snacking! It all starts with Halloween and won’t end ‘til, let’s be honest, after the New Year. Tiny bites of chocolaty nutty caramel cookie goodness Read more »


Happy Birthday, USA!

Glorious,majestic, magnificent star-spangled celebration that is July 4th!  We the people pull out all of the stops to commemorate the founding of our great nation in 1776.  Read more »


Time for Autumn Clean Up!

When it comes to preparing my house for the influx of relatives and friends that are coming over to feast for the holidays, I am totally meticulous in my cleaning ritual. I clean things that during the rest of the year might not get the attention it deserves, like the top of cabinets and the cabinets under the sink.

It’s not that I think people will stand on a step stool to check how my dust bunnies are faring on top of the cabinets, and I don’t envision the kitchen sink cabinet being opened up long enough for anyone to notice the ring of dish-washing liquid that *may* be there from when the bottle tipped over, but you just never know.

I use a lot of Kimberly-Clark wipes during this time. LOTS. I would probably be shot by an activist group that monitors such things as amount of disposable paper-towel type things, but in my defense, it’s only twice a year that I do this. And I support all efforts to sustain the environment, just sayin’. But I love me some WypAll’s.

I also used Kimwipes on all my electronics and even everyone’s eyeglasses and sunglasses. They are especially made for delicate jobs like that, and I don’t want anything messing up my TV and computer screens! They are also great for smartphones and tablets. In my kitchen, I use the X80 foodservice towels. Nothing really beats the absorbency when it comes to drying dishes and utensils and getting them seriously dry.  Good luck with your own holiday cleaning!


It’s Flu Season! Be Prepared!

They are sounds we’re all familiar with this time of year- snuffling, sneezing  coughing…and we all run in the opposite direction from where the sounds are emanating. That is definitely not something that you want to be around, and you find that you’re donning rubber gloves just to hand paperwork to your afflicted co-workers. That’s right folks, its flu season!

I’m not going to inundate you with statistics of how many fatalities are attributed to flu every year, or even how many people are diagnosed; you’ve been around the flu season block before and have heard it all at least once. As your friendly neighborhood blogger, I did want to mention a few things you can do to prevent getting the flu yourself. Which is just basic self-preservation at its base, right?

The flu shot is the first defense in your flu season arsenal. Second is hand sanitizer, but that one comes with a caution label – use too much, and you run the risk of catching EVERYTHING that comes down the pike because you’ve lost most of your natural resistance to bacteria and viruses. Next up is antibacterial soap and you really have to use it. A good rule of thumb to follow when washing your hands is to sing “Happy Birthday”. That gives enough time for the soap to work. Just make sure to sing it to yourself, not out loud or else you’ll get strange looks.

Other steps you can take are medical masks, over the counter immunity boosters, gloves, and hazmat suits…okay, well maybe not those. Carry tissues so that you don’t sneeze into the air, and as a handy catcher’s mit for those explosive coughs.Point is, do what you can to avoid getting sick, so that you don’t lose work, get your family or co-workers sick, or contribute to a world-wide pandemic of epic proportions.


Office Gift Exchange Ideas

With the holidays in full swing, many offices are having gift exchanges and there is usually a monetary amount to adhere to, so what to buy? Especially if you don’t know who is going to get the gift! Why buy a bottle of wine when there is a chance that it’ll go to the office teetotaler? How awkward would THAT be? I’m facing that same dilemma, and found some really great gift ideas at, in the interest of brotherly eCommerce love. I’m especially fond of the Executive Decision Maker and the Genius Paperweight.  The Hulk Flash Drive, however, is all ours!





I have been very open in my obsession with organizing. I’ve blogged many times about it, and I wonder sometimes if I’m not getting worse. Regardless, my life is not complete if I don’t organize. I feel like something is missing, like I’ve left the stove on or something. The holidays are no different.  I organize them down to the nth degree.

I also put together my new household notebook in December as well. Yes, we live in a digital age, and I do have spreadsheets and planners and budgets saved to the computer and my calendar, but I grew up when paper was king and the chief form of communication. Plus I really like a cute 3-ring binder. It’s just easier to grab and jot a note.


I divide my binder into sections, using full-sheet tabbed dividers, and incorporate things like Household Chores, Food, Schedules, etc. That way not only I know what I’m doing, but my husband knows as well. I’ve tried putting dates and to-do’s in his phone calendar, but I don’t think he pays much attention to it. His phone usage consists of texting, IMDB searches, and video games.

I also have a pencil pouch, so that I can keep different colored pens and highlighters in there, because I have to make organizing fun, or else it doesn’t get done. And I need to be organized. Otherwise I’m like a dog, easily distracted by something shiny. And it’s not as hard as it sounds to keep a household notebook. You can keep a small one, or carry around a big one. I also keep sticky notes with me, and at the end of the night, just before bed, I jot everything down into the binder that I’ve written on the sticky notes! Simple, organized, and keeps my sanity!



What To Get For The Person Who Has Everything?

We all have that person in our lives that you just can’t seem to think of a great gift for. Whether it’s for their birthday or the holidays, the perfect gift eludes us. Are they picky? Do they have a quirky personality? Are they a workaholic? No matter, we have something for everyone.

1) The complete mobile office, the Fully Powered Auto Executive Desk, with a built-in-power inverter, is the first of its kind! A fully compact workstation designed to work comfortably and efficiently inside your vehicle.

2) Power up various electronics with just one universal car charger. Dual ports allow you to charge two USB-powered devices at once. Works with standard vehicle outlets. Interchangeable power tips are compatible with thousands of USB-powered devices, eliminating the hassle and waste of multiple chargers. Includes iPhone® and iPod® power tips.

3) CoursePro is a line of GPS devices that assist golfers on the golf course. They provide information on an LCD screen about downloaded golf courses that are stored in their memory. The LCDs display distances to the front, center and back of the green for each hole along with the par. The devices calculate your shot distance and are backlit for viewing in low light. The information provided by each CoursePro GPS product gives the golfer up to the minute accurate, crucial information that will guarantee a competitive edge.


4) A wireless mouse delivers a better mix of precision and comfort – with designed-for-web scrolling. Say good-bye to the tricky touchpad. Micro-precise scrolling makes everything you love to do online easier. Treat your hand to the comfy, contoured shape and soft rubber grips of the shape in the world.

5) The Laptop Bucket Tote is designed to hold laptops up to 16″ in the vertical laptop section. Use the Ride Along Pocket to store important documents or consolidate your bags by unzipping the pocket and slipping over the telescoping handle system. Bucket tote also features a business organizer, zip-down front organizer pocket with extra long zipper pulls, rope-filled leather shoulder straps and zippered top closure. Exterior offers a durable rich-colored Colombian leather with contrasting tan interior and antique brass nail heads.

6) Step up your style and personalize your space. Fun compact design dispenses the perfect amount of tape. Stands upright on flat surfaces. Includes one roll of Scotch® Magic™ Tape



Wacky Wednesday December Trivia!

Ahh, December! I know it’s not technically here yet, but I’m going to be as obnoxious as hearing Christmas music before Halloween and bring it up anyway! Regardless of religion, there is an excitement in the air beginning in November because everyone knows that December is on its way. Songs start to fill the air and lights are put on display, whether they are for Christmas, Hanukkah, or other December-celebrated holidays.

December means snow, snow ball fights, holiday break, family gatherings and many other things that make the holiday special. Families drive through neighborhoods looking at light displays,  winter carnivals are abundant, and wrapping parties are just another reason to gather together and have a good time. Enjoy your December, and read on for some fun!

  • The Big Socio-Cultural/Religious Holidays celebrated during December include: the Christian Christmastide, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the Islamic Ramadan.
  • December 3rd is Let’s Hug Day.
  • In December of 1803 the Louisiana Purchase took place and France sold us a big ol’ chunk of land.
  • December 6th is the day many people celebrate the patron Catholic saint of children and pawnbrokers — St. Nicholas.
  • The Charles Dickens classic story ‘A Christmas Carol’ was 1st published in December 6, 1843.
  • In the original poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” (now called “The Night Before Christmas”), the reindeer names “Donner” and “Blitzen” were actually “Dunder” and “Blixem”.  There is a mystery as to who the author of “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” is, but it’s agreed that the original author was Dutch, as Dunder and Blixem are the Dutch words for thunder and lightning. When it was reprinted 15 years after it was originally composed, the spellings were changed to Donder and Blitzen. The common mispronunciation Donner is just due to some carolers back in the day singing it incorrectly, much like we do with many songs of the day.
  • December 17th was known for centuries, as the beginning of the Roman/Pagan Saturnalia Festival, held in honor of the God of Agriculture.
  • December 21st marks the beginning of the Winter Solstice (Yule) in the Northern Hemisphere of the world.
  • True Story: Festivus is now actually considered a holiday, celebrated on December 23rd. The Show About Nothing (Seinfeld) just keeps on giving…
  • Although Santa Claus is now widely considered secular (people from all religions leave cookies or some other offering to him on Christmas Eve and expect gifts), he did start his life as a Catholic Bishop known for donating all his considerable wealth to the poor. The current image that we have of Santa and his elves evolved from that original poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” which combined Christian and Pagan elements (and had different reindeer names), including a saint-like man and his magical elves and reindeer.

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Start Your Shipping Engines!

So, if you aren’t a procrastinator like I am, you already have a good amount of holiday gifts already purchased, and maybe even wrapped. That’s great (even though I’m slightly jealous) and you should be very proud of yourself! It takes forethought and planning to be ahead of the holiday shopping insanity, and my hats off to you! Now you have to ship stuff to relatives and friends that live out of state (or out of the country) and we can help you simplify that process!

If you’re like me (and you’re probably not. You’ve already got your shopping done and mine isn’t even started), when you go to the mailing store or the post office, you need boxes and labels to ship your packages in, and usually end up paying a mint to do just that! Again, with a little bit of planning, you can have all your shipping needs right at your house!

We have a full line of boxes, packing material, tapes, and even shrink wrap. We even have postal scales so you can know before you get to the shipping depot of your choice what your package weighs and how much it will cost! Who likes going to the post office, thinking that your package will cost one amount to ship it, only to find it’s much more than that?

At this time of year, it’s always best to be as prepared as possible, and having the right supplies on hand can prevent a lot of headaches.  Stock up on shipping supplies and you’ll never have to pay inflated prices at the post office or shipping store again!


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