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Holiday Shopping Guide


Have you already started pulling your hair out over holiday shopping AND shipping? We can totally commiserate with you here at ReStockIt. Not only do we have to make sure our customers get their orders in time, but we all have to make sure our families get their packages too! Here are some helpful tips to get you and your business on the right track for holiday shipping!

  1. Let your delivery driver know your game plan: No matter which carrier you use, let them know if your hours are changing or how much volume you expect to ship out. A forewarned driver is a prepared driver.
  2. Make sure packages are ready at pick-up time: Drivers want to go home too, so if you’re ill-prepared for them, you’ll put a kink in their day. It’s the holidays! There should be no kinks!
  3. Package protection: UPS, FedEx, USPS…they are all kicked in high gear during this time of year. They are pushing packages through sorting facilities and hubs like they are going out of style-so if one of your packages gets dropped…then kicked…then finally picked up, you have peace of mind knowing you packed it like it was Fort Knox in a box.
  4. Organization and you: Let’s face it. You probably use multiple carriers. Eh, it happens. Make sure you have your packages organized by carrier, placed where they need to be, and are ready to go.
  5. Don’t Stress! This is a no-brainer. Holidays are busy times, and we all tend to start pulling our hair out by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, but if you plan now, you can avoid the stress of making sure your customer, and you, are stress-free for the holidays.

For your sanity, we have included some links for shipping calendars from the Big Three Carriers.




Manly-Type Valentine’s Gifts

Every year for Valentines Day, I panic because I have no idea what to get my husband. I don’t want to get run-of-the-mill things, and he just doesn’t appreciate flowers and chocolates (what is WRONG with him??), so I’m usually stumped and starting to panic around this time of the month.

So this year, when I went window shopping online, I thought, “Hey! Maybe there are others like me that need help too!”. I don’t know why it was such an epiphany for me, but there it is. Here are some of my selections that I need to narrow down for this year, and hopefully they’ll help you too! Thanks to for some great ideas!


For the Entertainer: Beer Mugs. If your guy has poker/game/dart/book club (I just wanted to throw you off with that one) gatherings at the house, then he *may* want to serve beverages in nice beer steins instead of the mismatched glasses that every ex-bachelor has laying around.

For the Techie: Bluetooth Headset. This is something my husband has been begging for. Not that he doesn’t have one, he has two actually, but he wants a new and shiny one. This is the model he’s been eyeballing ever since we saw a guy with it while we were Christmas shopping at the mall. Since then, I have been inundated with reasons why this one is better than the other two…

For the Geek:  They’re Star Wars cuff links. I think they speak for themselves.

For the Adventurer: Handheld GPS. Is your guy a hiker or backpacker? Does he like to explore new places? Does he get lost in a closet with one door? This may just be the perfect gift for him! It’s small and non-intrusive, so he can just pretend he knows exactly where he’s going without letting on he has electronic help.

For the Thinker: The Story of Him. Some men love to talk about themselves and offer up their opinion. No, really, it’s true! If you have a talker in your life, this may just be perfect. He can record all about himself in this nifty little book, and leave it in his will so that future generations will know his greatness.

For the Romantic: Family Story Wall Art.Yes, there are some men who are romantic, and something like this would definitely get his heart thumping with love for you. It can have a place of honor right over his desk at work, so that he can proclaim to all and sundry his undying love for you and your family.



A Pen Lover’s Request

Who doesn’t love a good pen? Even in today’s digital age, having a good pen in business is essential.  Smooth writing, comfortable grip – those are marks of a great pen, and Cross pens exemplify those qualities. I remember when I was a little girl my father getting a Cross pen and pencil set as a gift, and he was so thrilled by them!


Even with the advent of gel pens, Cross ballpoints still manage to keep up with demand for a smooth writing instrument.  There’s nothing like the feel of a Cross pen in your hand, the barrel smooth and weighty, and the ink gliding across the page. No skips or stutters, or blank spots in your writing with a Cross pen.  They come in silver, gold, black or colors; ballpoints, rollerballs, or fountain pens; you can even get one with a stylus!

You can’t go wrong giving a Cross pen, pencil, or set as a gift! With all the choices available, you can find one that is perfect for the person you’re shopping for, and they will be thrilled to have a gift from you that will last indefinitely! I recently came across my father’s old Cross pen, the pencil having been lost years ago. I just popped a refill into the barrel, and it still works and looks as good as new…29 years later.


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Christmas Shopping Countdown

Sometimes even with people we know and love, it’s hard to find the perfect present. I admit, I am not good at present purchasing. I just never know for sure it’s the right thing, or if they’re going to love it, or if I’m going to get the polite “Oh it’s great” statement with the slight eye roll that really tells me they think it sucks. I have that problem with my husband and son, especially.

My son wants clothes this year for Christmas (and iPhone 5 ear buds, go figure) but I want him to have more than just clothes to open up on Christmas morning. So, I was thinking to myself, What does he really like to do (besides video games) that I can get him? And then I hit on it: he really loves to draw. So I thought art supplies! Just a little portfolio with sketchbooks and supplies to keep him busy when he’s got time to kill at school or at home.


I didn’t just want to get him a sketchbook, so I searched through our site and put together a little grouping I think he would like. Even if he doesn’t use it at home, he can use it when he’s with his Art Club, and thank goodness he doesn’t read this blog! The cat would definitely be out of the bag! Anyway, I got him a sketchbook, some pencils, erasers, and a sharpener, along with the portfolio to keep it all in.

Sometimes it’s about digging deep and building a gift from a hobby that someone likes, or maybe in the case of a teenager, putting something together that has to do with a career choice they’re thinking of making (in the case of my son, he either wants to be a chef like his father, or a DJ). It’s nice not having to stress about whether or not he’ll like what I got him.I might borrow one of the sketch books and doodle a bit as well! Happy shopping everyone!



A Slightly Different Gift Idea

What do you get that sports fan that has everything? And I don’t mean a “sports” fan, I mean a SPORTS fan. A rabid fan, the guy (or girl) who paints their face team colors, and flies the team flag from those little obnoxious car flag poles. I admit, my choice for a gift idea today comes from way out in left field, but they’re fun, and a great edition to the house.


Rubbermaid has released a line of sports team outdoor trash cans. Trash can, you say? I do! Yes, it’s weird, I agree, and maybe it shouldn’t be wrapped under the Christmas tree but they’re so awesome! You can even do a little twist on it, since they are garbage cans after all, and get the rival team and throw garbage into their can. Dolphins fan? Throw your refuse into a Patriots can.

And you can get them in either NFL or NCAA teams, so teams are well represented, whether you’re a college or professional fan. Minnesota Vikings? Check. Texas Longhorns? We got ’em! And since they’re Rubbermaid, you know that they are sturdy, reliable, and won’t break or crack easily, even if left out in the elements! Wouldn’t you want your favorite sports team represented at the curb on trash day?



What To Get For The Person Who Has Everything?

We all have that person in our lives that you just can’t seem to think of a great gift for. Whether it’s for their birthday or the holidays, the perfect gift eludes us. Are they picky? Do they have a quirky personality? Are they a workaholic? No matter, we have something for everyone.

1) The complete mobile office, the Fully Powered Auto Executive Desk, with a built-in-power inverter, is the first of its kind! A fully compact workstation designed to work comfortably and efficiently inside your vehicle.

2) Power up various electronics with just one universal car charger. Dual ports allow you to charge two USB-powered devices at once. Works with standard vehicle outlets. Interchangeable power tips are compatible with thousands of USB-powered devices, eliminating the hassle and waste of multiple chargers. Includes iPhone® and iPod® power tips.

3) CoursePro is a line of GPS devices that assist golfers on the golf course. They provide information on an LCD screen about downloaded golf courses that are stored in their memory. The LCDs display distances to the front, center and back of the green for each hole along with the par. The devices calculate your shot distance and are backlit for viewing in low light. The information provided by each CoursePro GPS product gives the golfer up to the minute accurate, crucial information that will guarantee a competitive edge.


4) A wireless mouse delivers a better mix of precision and comfort – with designed-for-web scrolling. Say good-bye to the tricky touchpad. Micro-precise scrolling makes everything you love to do online easier. Treat your hand to the comfy, contoured shape and soft rubber grips of the shape in the world.

5) The Laptop Bucket Tote is designed to hold laptops up to 16″ in the vertical laptop section. Use the Ride Along Pocket to store important documents or consolidate your bags by unzipping the pocket and slipping over the telescoping handle system. Bucket tote also features a business organizer, zip-down front organizer pocket with extra long zipper pulls, rope-filled leather shoulder straps and zippered top closure. Exterior offers a durable rich-colored Colombian leather with contrasting tan interior and antique brass nail heads.

6) Step up your style and personalize your space. Fun compact design dispenses the perfect amount of tape. Stands upright on flat surfaces. Includes one roll of Scotch® Magic™ Tape



Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are a time of fellowship, worship, and let’s face it, gift giving. Stores are jam packed with people searching for the perfect gift and online stores are posting record visits. Novelty gifts are particularly popular at this time of the year, and we all remember Billy Bass, don’t we?

I myself was a recipient of the singing bass, and he was pulled out every Christmas to regale family and friends with his amazing feats of vocalization. Until he was conveniently crushed under a box one year. I have no idea how that happened. This year, the hottest novelty gift is the Dancing Animal Speakers by Cobra.


They’re cute! They’re even somewhat cuddly! And they wiggle their little bodies to the beat of whatever music is playing through their furry speakers. There are four types: a brown dog, brown cat, black and white dog, and black and white cat.

I feel that one of these will end up under our Christmas tree. And I don’t know how my real dog and cat will react to them, but I will be playing Christmas tunes through them, hopefully to the delight of all my gathered family and friends. You can even see them in action before you buy one by watching this hilarious video! Have fun my friends, and enjoy your holiday celebrations!


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