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Happy Anniversary!

Today, ReStockIt turns 9, and in true ReStockIt fashion, we lived it up! We celebrated with a masquerade theme of “Dress to the Nines” and had food catered by Carraba’s. MMMMMmmmm, good! We had a fun and fabulous “Guess Who” game with baby pictures of the staff (I won!) and a great costume contest (I came in 2nd!). Food, fun, and fabulousness, that’s the ReStockIt way! Enjoy!

Anni Strip 1Anni Strip 2


To Tablet or Not to Tablet…

Just like the digital camera and Blu-Ray revolution, I fought the advent of e-readers and tablets. Why? Well, we have laptops and netbooks and smartphones, so why do we need another electronic device to keep track of? If you want small, you get a netbook. If you want even smaller, you get a Samsung Note II or Galaxy 3, with the added benefit of talking and texting to people. Why get a tablet?

Never mind the fact that I am a bibliophile. I always joke that if I built a house, it would consist of a huge kitchen and a bigger library! I’m a published author, and books have been my life since I was ten years old. Why would I give them up for something digital? Famous last words…


My husband got me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas, and my reading life has not been the same since! Surprisingly enough, I use it a lot more than I ever thought I would, and that’s just reading. I take it with me everywhere I go, which means I am never without something to read.

And it’s like my phone; I love to dress it up and get accessories for it! Chargers, cases, skins…it doesn’t matter. I know that the iPad has more accessories, but I just love my Kindle. I can play games, watch movies through Netflix and HuluPlus, email, Facebook…everything that I need to do to stay connected! I’ve been brought over to the dark side…



Do I really have to start my collection over??

Okay, so I may be a day or two behind…er, okay, maybe a few years behind, but when Blu-ray came out, I refused to update my movie collection- AGAIN. I had just gotten every movie I had ever wanted in my collection and then BAM! here comes a different format. I was sad. Because I knew I would not buy another movie unless it was on Blu-ray, and I didn’t want to cave and buy a player. It’s not a money thing, it’s the principle. Never mind that they were promises great things to come for Blu-ray…

The tide started to change when we got our PlayStation 3 system. It had Blu-ray integrated. So I bought Pirates of the Caribbean on Blu-ray, and had family fun night. Whoa what a difference! Amazing color, awesome extra’s, and the picture was so crisp I thought the images were going to leap out from the screen. So I bought another movie. Then another. You have to understand though. We take our movies very seriously in our house. My husband and I are walking movie trivia buffs, and we speak in movie lines. Our son is following in our footsteps and can recall any actor or actress that he’s seen in a movie or show even if it was a bit part. Maybe it’s not healthy, but I promise we do actually leave the house and see sunshine occasionally.

At this point, I still hadn’t purchased a stand-alone Blu-ray player. Our movie collection grew, and we started to replace older movies as they came out on Blu-ray. My husband started to protest that his gaming system was now a movie system. And then I signed up for Netflix streaming. And found out that you can get a Blu-ray player that streams Netflix. That was all she wrote, folks. We are now the proud new owners of an LG Blu-ray player, and we live the movies, not just watch them.


The good ol’ days…recess!

I was on the phone the other day with a teacher, and she was asking about one of our products that we carry.

She was getting her classroom ready for the coming year, and needed some supplies from us. So we were talking and laughing about being in school during the late 70’s and through the 80’s, and what our favorite time was. Hint: it was not 7th grade. We loved elementary school recess. Oh wow, all the fun games that kids nowadays would probably think were lame, but that we just had so much fun with! Who doesn’t remember being beaned in the back by a dodge ball? Or being beaned in the head by a tether ball? Oh. Wait, that was probably just me. Well, injuries aside, I loved other things as well, like the parachute game, and Red Rover, jumping rope and bean bag tosses…not too fond of the three-legged race, though. That was a bummer. Come to think of it, maybe I liked 8th grade better.  I was more athletic then and less likely to be injured by a flying bean bag


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