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Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Stuck at home on a hot summer day with restless kids? Looking for some ideas that can help keep them occupied while you kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice refreshing iced tea? Well we’re here to provide you with some fun arts & crafts idea that will keep the kids busy and leave you headache-free.

The best part? The only materials you will need are some construction paper, markers, glue sticks, and white paper plates.You won’t even need to leave your house for these great ideas!

Paper Plate Animals

Paper Plate Animals

The number of animals you can create from paper plates is so vast, it’s shocking! There are so many fun and creative ways that you can use paper plates to make yourself an entire zoo. We’re providing you with just a sample of fun and awesome crafts your kids will love to make.

Paper Plate Ring TossPaper Plate Ring Toss

Summertime is all about fun and games. Get ready for some family fun with this easy to make ring toss game. Kids can enjoy painting and cutting their rings and assembling this game all on their own!  All you will need are paper plates and a paper towel tube for hours of fun.


Paper Plate Flowers

Paper Plate FlowersFlowers are blooming throughout the summer months and with just a few household supplies, your kids will be able to show their creativity by making these fun paper plate flowers. Kids can use their imagination and make an assortment of different flowers.

Paper Plate Masks(do a play while your at it!)Paper Plate Mask

Here’s a great idea to keep your kids entertained all day. Using their plates, they can create a variety of masks. Then when they’re finished with these creations, they can create their very own plays and act them out for the whole family to enjoy!

Paper Plate Holiday Decorations

Paper Plate Snowman

It may only be summer, but the holidays are right around the corner, and before you know it Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are here. From pumpkins, turkeys, snowmen and even Santa, many fun holiday crafts start with a simple paper plate. Want an inexpensive yet endearing way to decorate the house this holiday season? Have your kids make these adorable crafts.

Paper Plate Dream catchersDreamcatcher

Dream catchers date back to ancient times when the Ojibwa people would weave them and hang them over the cradles of newborn children to provide infants with peaceful and beautiful dreams. This craft will give your kids a fun little history lesson while also giving them the comforting promise of happy dreams

Paper Plate Purses

Plate HandbagAny mom who has a daughter who considers herself a mini-fashionista will love this tip. Using paper plates, your daughter can create her very own purse, and even design the outside to look like Coach or Burberry. (If only designer purses were so simple to obtain!)

Paper Plate Frisbeefrisbee

Here’s a great craft to keep your kids active inside and then give them something fun to do outside as well! Frisbees are a classic summer activity. Now your kids can create your own and test them out in the backyard.



Internet Shopping Fun!

So I’m going to go a little off our own little patch of happy office supplies, and move on to the exciting and infinitely shoppable Etsy.  I adore Etsy – its fun, funky, quirky, vintage and there is something for everyone, whether you’re hippy-dippy or geektacular.  There hasn’t been one time that I’ve gone to Etsy and NOT found something to buy.

Today I went looking for vintage office supplies in addition to artwork for my son’s room. I also found some interesting old office paperwork that would go quite nicely with the work scrapbook I keep thinking about starting…big procrastinator that I am. Don’t look for that anytime soon.

Etsy Blog Complete

Special Thanks and Photo Credits go to:
BlueGrizzlePapers –
AllVintageMan –
DivineOrders –
Theartfloozy –
Posterexplosion –

Wedding Fever!

Ah, spring is in the air. Well, in some places anyway, and wedding planning is in full swing! Inspired by our own ReStockIt wedding that is being planned by a co-worker, I thought it appropriate to dedicate today’s blog to weddings. ReStockIt has TONS of stuff to plan a wedding and save you money!

I admit it, I’ve been married twice. I had the big wedding for my first marriage, and a small intimate one for my second. The first one was nice, since I went to a full service wedding venue, and I didn’t have to worry about much except picking out my colors and flowers. My second one was a little more stressful because we decided to do it all ourselves. Who knew picking the right glasses would be so time-consuming??


However, not to deter anyone that is thinking it’s too much to plan an intimate wedding on your own, it was well worth everything we went through. Knowing that we bought those table cloths, and those candles, and that dinner ware, and that everyone thought it was beautiful made it so much better than when someone planned it for me.

Having chafing dishes and warmers made all the difference. We made our own food, and this way we kept it warm without having to run back and forth to the kitchen, and it was cheaper to buy and then resell them, than it was to rent them! There is so much you can do for your wedding, and we would love to help! Don’t forget to visit the site and see all the ways we can help make your wedding day beautiful!



More Mason Jars for the Fans!

It’s Monday, and as everyone knows, no one likes a Monday. Personally, I think Monday’s get a bad rep most of the time (unless you get a Murphy’s Law Monday), but ever since Filbert Mumphries’ cow fell off a cliff and crushed a log cabin that a family of settlers had just moved into, Monday’s have been labelled the bad boy of the work week. I totally just made that up…

Anyway, mason jars make people happy. No one knows why, or how they became the “it” container of the 21st century, considering how old-timey they are and can’t text or look up recipes on the internet, but people just love them and get so excited about them! It doesn’t hurt that we sell mason jar drink glasses either, so after you get inspiration from this blog, you can visit the site and buy a few to get cracking on these scrumdidlyuptious creations. Enjoy!



The Versatile Mason Jar

People my age and older know of the original intended use of a mason jar, and that was for storing vegetables and fruits that had been preserved at home. Rural farmsteads and homes usually had vegetable gardens and fruit trees, and housewives canned or “put up” their own vegetables, fruits, jams, jellies, and other food stuffs for winter time and lean times. Mason jars were, and still are, the storage container of choice for this.

Now, we drink from them, we turn them into snow globes, we use them to store toiletries…there are a thousand and one uses for mason jars and a quick search of Pinterest will give you pages of ideas for crafting with them. Google “mason jar uses” and you get MORE pages upon pages of ideas (including those on Pinterest) for everything from terrariums (I may do one of those) to science projects! Below are the top five ideas that I found online that have to do with mason jars. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did finding them!

Mason Board Complete

1) A meal in a jar. How simple, how easy, how…crafty! When I saw this blog, it made me want to run right out and try this! Even though I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like their food to touch. In the interest of experimenting, I’m willing to give it a go!

2) I have a brown thumb. Really. I can grow herbs, and I can grow veggies, but anything remotely resembling a house plant or flower, and I will kill it. Purely unintentional, of course, but if I try it more than once, does that constitute premeditated plant murder? Anyway, I want to try this terrarium. It looks cool and death-proof.

3) Okay, so I used to decorate in country shabby-chic. My house was all Americana accents and garage-store finds that I fixed up, so something like these glasses that I found on this blog would have fit right in on nights around the fire pit.

4) These mason jar pincushions appeal to my love of organizing! And I love off-beat ways of storage. I have a sewing kit, but I may just add something like this to my collection, so that I can have a small sewing kit where I need it most. Of course, leave it up to crafting maven Martha Stewart to come up with something so functional and yet fun!

5) Last but not least, another organizing wunderfind from Martha. Although I couldn’t find it on her site, I found a blogger that posted about it. Its pretty self-explanatory, and if you have any Martha Stewart Whole Livings around from 2009, its in one of those issues. Hey, I tried to find it. She may be the crafting maven, but she’s not good at archiving online.



Holiday Craft Ideas

Kids (and a lot of moms too) love to make crafts. I don’t know any 6-year-old who doesn’t want to get finger paint everywhere or glue something together…most often their fingers, but moms know how to undo that catastrophe. Sitting down together with your kids and making something from bits of nothing is not only fun, but its bonding time too!

In today’s world, where ten-year-old’s have iPhones and iPads, and video games are in almost every bedroom, it’s hard to find things to do with your children. My son is glued to his phone and Playstation 3, but we do things together as a family to keep us talking and not disconnected. Crafting for younger children is an excellent way to do that, and even teenagers can get into it, as long as it’s something slightly attitude-y and cool.


Two of my favorite craft ideas at holiday time were always the paper plate wreath, and a holiday character made from craft sticks. I’ve made reindeer, snowmen, elves…you name it, I’ve painted wooden sticks to resemble it.  Some with glitter, some with pipe cleaners…you get the picture.

The paper plate wreath was my favorite in school, and I was very excited when I graduated from construction paper to tissue paper. My earliest incarnations were heavy with glue and very weird color combinations, but hey, I got better. So this holiday season, pick up some craft supplies, sit down with your kids (you don’t really need the kids. I made stuff like this back when I was single), and have some family bonding time over holiday crafts!



Cubicle Decorating

When I left the world of big box retailing and moved into e-commerce, I found myself with cubicles of bare fabric. Not drab gray, but still, nothing exciting. I was used to having activity and sounds and windows, so the transition was a bit…shocking. I wanted to hang pictures and calendars, but I didn’t really want to use push pins for everything. A push pin through my husband’s head in a picture was a bit morbid for my liking.

A co-worker saw me struggling with the dilemma and offered me a secret stash of Velcro strips that became heaven sent to me. I need to have stuff on my walls, and this solved the problem in a BIG way. Then she made the obvious comment, “You know, you do work for an office supply company, we have tons of stuff for cubicles.” In my defense, I had just started working for ReStockIt…

With the comment still fresh in my mind, I searched for “cubicle accessories” on our site and lo and behold, a new category of office supplies was opened to me. Bad idea, that, considering my addiction to office supplies, of which I have blogged about before. I never knew there was so much you could hang from your cubicle walls!

I have a fairly large desk, so I don’t need some of the stuff that we sell, but I went crazy buying clips and Velcro strips. I never have to worry about voodoo-like push pins again in someone’s head.  Actually, as I look around at my walls, I think they need to be rearranged…hmmm. How do you decorate your cubicle-away-from-home? With facts and figures or family pictures and goofiness?


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