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Earth Day, The Greener The Better!

Did you know that because plastic water bottles and cups are shielded from sunlight in landfills, they will not decompose for thousands of years? Read more »



More SPACE, we all need it and want it but how do we get it in the work place?  Read more »


Tiering Up

Invitations have been sent, perks and swag are in place, we have our virtual red carpet rolled out to proudly announce a premier VIP event that doesn’t require a shirt,shoes or even pants!  Read more »

The Most Brains Wins

Most Brains Win

by Verne Harnish, The “Growth Guy”


What do Google, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, eBay and Wikipedia have in common?

Read more »


Don’t Run Out!

We admit it. We have run out of paper towels for our dispensers here at ReStockIt, and have had to resort to flimsy napkins for drying our hands as we eagerly await our new shipment. We try to stay on top of ordering supplies, but sometimes we just…forget! It happens to everyone, every business, at one point or another, and it’s never at a convenient time. That’s why there is ReStocker to the rescue!

You can’t go wrong using ReStocker for your business, or even your home! There is no drawback to having your supplies automatically delivered in the time frame that you choose. And there are tons of products that are on our ReStocker program, so you can restock everything you need for your business or home, and never have to worry about running out of a crucial supply ever again!


In addition, with ReStocker, you save 5% on every ReStocker order that you place, so the program also equals savings as well as peace of mind since you aren’t going to be surprised when something important runs out. Think about it, no more last minute trips to the store for supplies, so it saves you time as well! You can’t beat something that saves you time, money, and peace of mind.

You can customize ReStocker to replenish your supplies in the time frame of your choosing, and with many of our ReStocker products offering free shipping and super-fast delivery, there really isn’t a way to lose! Breakroom supplies, office supplies, even janitorial supplies can be set up for auto delivery with ReStocker, so you never have to run out again. Its good advice that we’ll be taking for ourselves!



New $5.95 Flat Rate Shipping Makes Shopping Stress-Free

Have you ever wasted time shopping on a website before discovering at the end that your shipping cost was way too high? is making the online shopping experience stress-free with a flat rate shipping cost of $5.95 per order, no minimum. This way you’ll know what your total cost will be right from the start. We also offer free shipping on over 100,000 different business supply items every day. You’ll never have to drive all over town for your business supplies again.

That $5.95 shipping is also fast. Most orders ship the very same day that they are placed. Over 45,000  office supplies come with Super Fast Delivery, which means that your order will be delivered in only one or two business days! We’re open 24 hours a day and, with a selection of over 200,000 business supplies, you can get everything your business needs in one place no matter what industry you are in. Our flat rate shipping offer applies to UPS and Fedex shipments within the continental United States, see for more details.


Office Supply Checklist for Law Offices

Hindsight is 20/20, which rings especially true for the logistical problems of setting up a new office. Let save you time and money with this quick reference of the most common business supplies law offices use, complete with links to the products at great low prices.

  1. Multi-Line Telephones
  2. Fax Machines
  3. Conference Room Tables and Executive Desks
  4. Executive Work Chairs
  5. Office Plants
  6. Lobby Chairs
  7. Office Wastebaskets
  8. Desktop Table Lamps
  9. Fine Executive Pen Sets
  10. Magazine Racks
  11. Wood Bookcases
  12. Reception Desk
  13. Dictation and Voice Recorders
  14. Multi-function Office Machines
  15. Post-It Notes and Page Flags
  16. Federal Labor Law Poster

Beyond these basic tips you will inevitably need more office supplies, so visit for great deals on the business supplies for your particular needs.


Stock Up! The Buy More/Save More Deal Ends Sunday is focused on maintaining relationships with it’s customers through unique loyalty programs such as the ReStocker membership, which gives you 10% off of all purchases and helps you automate your logistics. Starting today, ReStockIt is rewarding you with discounts that get bigger and bigger depending on the size of your shopping cart, with the Buy More, Save More event. Choose any of these four coupons and stock up on the business supplies your company needs:

$10 off when you spend $100: Coupon Code SAVE10

$25 off when you spend $200: Coupon Code SAVE25

$50 off when you spend $350: Coupon Code SAVE50

$75 off when you spend $500: Coupon Code SAVE75

No matter what type of business you have, is committed to providing everything your business needs for less, with superior customer service and fast delivery. Click here to learn more about this week’s coupons.


Super Easy Money Saving Tips

A penny saved is a penny earned. How about thousands of dollars then? One of the easiest ways for any company to make more money is to not spend as much! These money saving tips are low effort / high impact ideas that will save your company money and maybe even earn you a raise!

  1. Optimize your printer settings. Some fonts use more ink than others. If you’re going to print anything, print it in Century Gothic font, size 10. Also, make sure that your printers use the “Econo Mode” feature, which prints in lighter tones, using less ink.
  2. Recycle packaging material. If your company receives and ships packages, you can re-use packing material from incoming packages for outgoing packages.
  3. Buy in bulk. You should be buying all non-perishable business supplies in bulk. is especially good at offering bulk discounts and free shipping, a double whammy for your business. 
  4. Use’s Auto Delivery feature. You get a permanent 10% discount just for being in the program, and the office supplies your business needs get delivered right to your door at the frequency that you Auto Delivery program for business supplies

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