Do Hand Sanitizers Expire? Your Antibacterial FAQs, Answered

Homes, kitchens, offices, and classrooms have been using hand sanitizers for years. They allow us to quickly disinfect our hands without having to rush to the restroom or kitchen sink. Their dispensers also come in many different options, from touch free hand sanitizer mounts to floor stands to regular bottles depending on your preference and…

The Ultimate Cleaning Supplies List for Teachers

With flu season in full swing, you’re probably looking for any way to stop the spread of germs. Teachers know best that being proactive is key to preventing illness. If you’re looking to keep your classroom clean, these 7 cleaning products should be at the top of your shopping list. Disinfecting wipes Disinfecting wipes can…

What Should I Keep in My Office’s First Aid Kit?

When it comes to supplies, an office manager is always on top of restocking toilet paper, paper towels, writing instruments and pads, and coffee. Restocking first aid supplies, on the other hand, is sometimes overlooked. Although offices almost always have a first aid kit, it rarely includes all necessary supplies, with many expired medicines and…

Clean up, Clean Out, and De-Clutter!

Ahhh, spring is in the air! The trees are green, the temperatures are rising and the air is fresh. Outside. Meaning not in your house, where you have been hibernating for the last 5 or 6 months.

Be Flu Free!

We all know how it starts. First there’s a little tickle in the back of your throat. Then the burning and sniffling in your nose begins. Then BOOM!

Take a Break!

Across the country folks are getting ready to take a break. Labor Day is the holiday to celebrate the worker, the employee, the average person, doing their thing to make a living and make this country run.

Back to School

August. It’s almost here. That month of bittersweet feelings for all. I remember as a child being disappointed that all the good times of summer were about to be over,

Save Big, Go Foam!

Foaming soap is a diluted form of liquid hand soap that requires using less water,less chemicals to manufacturer,is easier on the environment,and saves money!  It’s that simple. “Save BIG, Go FOAM!”

Cold and Flu Season…Again

As most of the country knows we are in the midst of a massive “Polar Vortex” . As scary as this sounds (and it does sound VERY SCARY) there are precautions we can take to keep ourselves safe and warm.  Firstly do not spend any unnecessary time outside!  I read somewhere you can get frost…