The Ultimate Cleaning Supplies List for Teachers

With flu season in full swing, you’re probably looking for any way to stop the spread of germs. Teachers know best that being proactive is key to preventing illness. If you’re looking to keep your classroom clean, these 7 cleaning products should be at the top of your shopping list. Disinfecting wipes Disinfecting wipes can…

4 Ways to Freshen the Air in Your Office Bathroom

Keep the office fresh and clean with these air purifying essentials  No one likes walking into a stinky office bathroom — but let’s get real. Sometimes smell just comes with the territory. But that doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t do anything about it. On the contrary, you should do everything you can to tackle…

The Great Bathroom Debate!

Ahhh , possibly one of the most heatedly debated household subjects in the land. It has ended friendships, it has caused the disruption of marital bliss, and has brought mayhem and chaos to bathrooms everywhere!!! Which way to hang the toilet paper!?! It seems like such a trivial thing, but people have very vocal and…

Clean up, Clean Out, and De-Clutter!

Ahhh, spring is in the air! The trees are green, the temperatures are rising and the air is fresh. Outside. Meaning not in your house, where you have been hibernating for the last 5 or 6 months.

Dirty Truth Series: 4 Unmentionables Growing in Your Bathroom

Because bathroom germs love living up to their full potential. Bathrooms get a pretty bad reputation — and with good reason. Some of your grossest, yuckiest, and most private of all moments go on in there. But you’re not the only one who uses that communal bathroom at work. Each and every coworker you come…

Back to School

August. It’s almost here. That month of bittersweet feelings for all. I remember as a child being disappointed that all the good times of summer were about to be over,

Earth Day, The Greener The Better!

Did you know that because plastic water bottles and cups are shielded from sunlight in landfills, they will not decompose for thousands of years?

A Memo From The Office Fridge

Stop, just stop! It’s too much! You open me, you close me. You love me, you leave me. You steal Joe’s yogurt and I’m stuck with the blame while my door is slammed.

Cold and Flu Season…Again

As most of the country knows we are in the midst of a massive “Polar Vortex” . As scary as this sounds (and it does sound VERY SCARY) there are precautions we can take to keep ourselves safe and warm.  Firstly do not spend any unnecessary time outside!  I read somewhere you can get frost…