Brand Spotlight: Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Makers

No office breakroom is complete without a coffee maker, and there’s no coffee maker quite like a Bunn.

Since 1957, the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation has become a leader among dispensed beverage equipment manufacturers. Serving a global network of customers with innovative new technologies and a desire to make the highest quality products, this company works hard to be, as its brand promise states, A Partner You Can Count On™.

No matter which one you use, every Bunn product ensures that the best cup of coffee is always within your reach. Luckily, you can find dozens of Bunn-O-Matic’s offerings quickly and easily at To help you get started, we’ve featured the best of Bunn’s best in this brand-new brand spotlight. Read on to find a coffee maker, pot, or filter that’s right for you and your office.


  1. Coffee Makers

A coffee maker plays an undeniable part in American workplace culture, and one that’s so much cooler than a water cooler.

These days, you can buy these machines in all sorts of varieties. From standard makers to dual brewers and three-pot models, dispense your coffee how you want with one of Bunn’s innovative products:


  1. Coffee Pots

Some of us can’t have our coffee without cream or sugar—but most of us can’t have our coffee without a pot.

As with their coffee makers, Bunn has designed a number of distinct coffee pots for its customers, a selection which includes plenty of plastic carafes, glass decanters, and stainless-steel airpots:


  1. Coffee Filters

So what’s one aspect of coffee-making people always seem to forget? Coffee filters.

Bunn makes your coffee filters out of a durable, disposable paper that fits and works perfectly with any Bunn coffee maker. Its coffee filter offerings come in several different sizes, types, and quantities, too:

Let’s face it: for the majority of us, coffee is one hot caffeinated beverage we just can’t do without. That’s why makes it possible for you to get your Bunn coffee makers, pots, and filters quickly and easily.

All of the Bunn-O-Matic products we carry are eligible for free shipping. Better yet, you can expect your packages to get to your door fast with our 1-2 day delivery.

If coffee is a must in your office, choose ReStockIt; we’ll ensure you start every day off right by stocking you with all of your coffee essentials.

Curious to learn more about what other trustworthy brands have to offer? Check out our other spotlights on our blog to help make your space spotless. And to find unbeatable deals on any and all of your office supplies, visit the ReStockIt website today.

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