10 Epic Break Room Ideas for Your Office

Hardworking employees deserve a place to rest. In fact, studies show that breaks at work actually boost job performance, improving your company’s bottom line. In most offices, break rooms are the spot employees go to relax—but not all break rooms are made equal. To wow your employees and boost motivation, we compiled these 10 epic break room ideas.

  1. Coffee shop-inspired refreshments

Any good break room has coffee. But to encourage your employees to take their breaks in-office, why not provide coffee shop-quality coffee free of charge?

A high-quality coffee or espresso machine paired with a selection of healthy snacks will help your employees power through the mid-day slump. Although junk food can be tempting, healthy options like fresh pressed juice, Kind Bars, popcorn, and kale chips will minimize food comas and keep employees feeling their best.

Along with the coffee machine, give your break room an even more impressive coffee shop feel with customizable coffee options! Offer different flavors and selections of K-Cups, creamers, and sugars to satisfy any employee.

  1. Cool seating

Break rooms are where colleagues become friends. One way to foster conversation in the workplace is by providing comfortable seating in your office break room. You’ll want to mix up the seating so that employees can choose between couches, booths, or even exercise balls for their mid-break chats.

Unsure which types of chairs to choose? We recommend a blend of sofas, stacking chairs, and guest chairs to offer different styles for different employee needs.

  1. Artistic inspiration

Breaks are the perfect time to get re-inspired. That’s why you should stock your break room with plenty of art and reading materials. Books and magazines about business visionaries or human ingenuity will do the trick, as will eye-catching murals and portraits.

  1. Personal touches

Another way to bring co-workers together is by decorating your break room with personal touches. Try keeping a Polaroid camera in the workplace for a wall of funny faces, or put up weekly “Would you rather?” prompts on a hanging whiteboard. The break room should be a place your employees can be themselves, so take it upon yourself to ask team members how they’d like to be involved in the decor.

  1. Games

Whether you’re talking ping pong, pool, or a round of cards, games are always a great choice in the break room. Once you find a game your office particularly enjoys, you can even host a tournament to determine the ultimate winner. A break room activity and company culture builder, all in one!

  1. Aromatherapy

To bring down the stress, there’s nothing like aromatherapy. Essential oil diffusers are a great way to create a zen-smelling space that doesn’t offend anyone with an overpowering scent. Choose lavender for relaxation, citrus blends for energy, or eucalyptus for calming. Stress, be gone!

  1. Magical massage chairs

Sitting at a desk all day, there’s no doubt your employees will start holding tension in their shoulders. Take your break room to the next level with an electric massage chair. Employees will be thrilled to find their back pain reduced after spending only a few minutes sitting in the break room.

  1. Convenience items

To reduce random trips to your nearest convenience store, try stocking your break room with convenience items like stain remover, mouthwash, and hygiene products. It’s a relatively low-cost gesture that’ll have your employees singing your praises (and staying in the office instead of the store).

  1. Natural lighting

Whenever possible, opt for natural lighting in your break room. This provides a nice break from the harsh fluorescents of most offices and can be achieved using incandescent light bulbs if you’re short on window space.

  1. Greenery

To keep things light, incorporate plants wherever you can. Not only will they help clean your office’s air, but plants can help ground your employees spending most of their time indoors. As a bonus, plants double as great decor for any break room, making them one of the most functional break room items to buy.

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  1. Thanks for explaining the benefits of offering healthy snacks in addition to high-quality coffee. The company I work for wants to improve morale by ordering k-cup coffee for our new breakroom. I’m glad I read your article so I can encourage my boss to order some additional snacks as well!

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