The Office Supplies List You Didn’t Know You Needed

Without a hammer, a carpenter could never get the job done. The same goes for your business: Without the right office supplies, your employees might not be able to work efficiently. Stocking your business with the right supplies can help avoid that. But what office supplies do you really need? And which supplies could boost productivity (even though you never knew you needed them)? Here are our office supply suggestions for every business.

  1. Technology

Starting with the basics, every business will need some technology. This could include laptops, desktop computers, printers, fax machines, telephones, projectors…the list goes on and on. Luckily, ReStockIt’s technology section is devoted to providing high-quality office tools at great prices. After determining what tech is right for your office, you can stock up on all you need here.

  1. Stationery & basics

Once you’ve got all the technology you need, it’s important to stock your office with stationery and writing tools. Items like sticky notes are easy to forget until the moment you need them. For any business, it’s a good idea to get:

  1. Cleaning supplies

Sooner or later, your office is going to get messy. Having an arsenal of high-quality cleaning supplies will keep your office looking sharp and your employees feeling healthy. Although it’s hard to ever have too many cleaning supplies, here are the basics we recommend:

  1. Furniture & comfort items

Studies show that comfortable employees are able to work more efficiently. That’s why selecting comfortable, functional office furniture is so important. This begins with choosing the right office chair and extends into selecting desks, tables, and comfort supplies like humidifiers and small heaters. With the right items furnishing your office space, your employees will be better equipped to work.

  1. Productivity supplies

For many businesses, office tools like dry-erase boards can greatly increase productivity. You’ll want to include some productivity items on your office supplies list, including coffee makers, dry-erase markers, and desktop organizers. These items will help your employees stay productive, helping your business run better.

A well-stocked office is a happy office. For more tips on business productivity and supplies, check out our blog. And for great deals on high-quality office supplies, visit the ReStockIt website.

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