5 Ideas for Office Christmas Parties Your Employees Will Actually Love

The holidays are about spreading love, joy, and appreciation. The places and people we work with are no exception—which is why office holiday parties can be so important. A successful office Christmas party will leave your team feeling fulfilled and ready for a new year of work.

But how do you plan an office party that everyone will love? The answer lies in getting creative. Here are 5 ideas for office Christmas parties that your employees will actually love.

  1. Hire a performer

The addition of magic, mentalism, or comedy is sure to liven up any party. Office holiday celebrations are no different. Consider bringing in an outside act to encourage your employees to have fun and relax. Or, for smaller budgets, try recruiting one of your employees with a special musical or comedy talent to perform for the team.

  1. Get outside

The weather outside may be frightful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out of the office for your Christmas party! If your company is based somewhere with cold weather, try taking the team to a skating rink to break the ice—literally. Your team will appreciate the time outside, especially if you provide employees with hand warmers or gloves.

Or, if the weather is warm where you are, consider bringing the festivities outside. A simple change of location can help employees forget about their daily stressors and enjoy some quality time with co-workers. A close team outside of the office is a close team in the office!

  1. Be competitive

There’s nothing like some friendly competition to liven your employees’ spirits. Add a competitive edge to your company Christmas party by hosting a bake-off or competitive gingerbread house making. Or, for extra fun, have employees face off to see who can concoct the best holiday cocktail. ReStockIt makes it easy with great prices on bar supplies. Just think—while food and drink are a must at any party, friendly team and individual contests can help bring your employees together.

  1. Create together

Gone are the days of awkward small talk between drinks at company parties. To get employees really engaged, try organizing a holiday painting class for your team, complete with paintbrushes, smocks and more. Your staff will get to learn new skills, boast (or laugh at) their skills, and bring home a small keepsake from the event.

  1. Make a difference

Why not use your office Christmas party as an opportunity to give back? Bring your team together to volunteer in your community this holiday season. There’s no shortage of meaningful ways to donate your time—whether with the homeless, sheltered animals, or children in your community. Incorporating some volunteer work into your party is sure to bring your staff (and your community) a little bit closer.

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