The Top 5 Office Supply Necessities for Cold Weather

As the temperature starts dropping, our morale often does, too. Despite keeping coworkers awake, cold temperatures in the office can actually decrease productivity. To keep your employees engaged and comfortable, it’s important to stock up on cold weather office supplies. These are the 5 office supplies you need to get before the temperature drops.

Top cold weather office supplies

  1. Space heaters

While it might seem obvious, small space heaters can make a big impact in cold weather. Moreover, they allow employees to cater the temperature to their liking, in their space. Even better, many heaters also feature a fan option—so your employees can stay the right temperature all year long.

In addition, space heaters are great for emergencies. If the power goes out and weather puts your team at risk, space heaters can constitute a solid backup heating plan.

  1. Gloves

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of gloves. Regardless of whether your team works indoors or outdoors; online or otherwise; the right gloves can be a simple solution to cold weather problems. Keeping your office stocked with a few pairs helps ensure employees are toasty in even the coldest of temperatures. There are even fingerless options for typing on a computer!

  1. Warm beverage cups

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than a hot beverage. Keep your office toasty with lots of reusable and recyclable warm beverage cups. To brighten employees’ days a little more, consider getting a Keurig or other beverage machine so that your staff can sip on their favorite hot drink all winter long.

  1. Jackets

Winter coats will help keep off the cold outside, but inside, they can feel stuffy and constraining. Buy some spare jackets for the office, which employees can use on extra cold days. Better yet, invest in some branded jackets so everyone knows your team is looking sharp.

  1. De-icers for sidewalks around your office

On the walk to and from the office, it’s important to prevent falls. Winter weather and ice can make the path to your office dangerous territory. That’s why it’s so important to stock up on de-icer when buying winter office supplies. Simply spread on all walkways near your office, and you can significantly reduce the risk of any serious ice-related falls.

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