The Ultimate Cleaning Supplies List for Teachers

With flu season in full swing, you’re probably looking for any way to stop the spread of germs. Teachers know best that being proactive is key to preventing illness. If you’re looking to keep your classroom clean, these 7 cleaning products should be at the top of your shopping list.

  1. Disinfecting wipes

Disinfecting wipes can be used to clean up just about any classroom mess, so keeping them stocked is key. They’re also easy to use and non-toxic, meaning that little hands can use them, too. Whether you’ve got a sticky stain to clean or marker on the wall, disinfecting wipes can help get the job done. And with extra low prices when bought in bulk, they’re a no-brainer for teachers.

  1. Hand sanitizer

Sometimes the sink just isn’t close enough. For sneezed-on hands or quick snack breaks, hand sanitizer is an absolute must. It kills over 99 percent of germs and is easy for kids to pass around. There’s no excuse for dirty hands at lunchtime when you can get 12 bottles of hand sanitizer for just $42.02.

  1. Hand wipes

While hand sanitizer wins points for being easy, it doesn’t necessarily get rid of caked-on gunk. Hand wipes are a great option for sticky hands and faces, and can supplement your classroom’s clean-up regimen. ReStockIt offers non-toxic hand wipes that are packaged individually, which are even cheaper when bought in bulk.

  1. All-purpose cleaner

For bigger jobs, green all-purpose cleaner is great in the classroom. Spray cleaners are better in adult hands, but the non-toxic ingredients in the Green Works all-purpose cleaner mean that you don’t have to worry about kids inhaling its odor. Keep a bottle on hand to make cleaning icky desks a breeze.

  1. Paper towel

If you’re spraying all-purpose cleaner, you’ll need something to wipe it up. Paper towels are the easiest option in the classroom, and they can even be green. Our eco-friendly paper towels are 100 percent recycled, so you can feel good about keeping the planet (and your students) healthy.

  1. Duster

If there’s one chore kids love, it’s dusting. Investing in a fluffy duster like this one makes classroom cleanup time fun, and helps remove allergens from the area.

  1. Broom

For broken glass or spilled snacks, a broom is a classroom must. Better yet, this Rubbermaid broom sold by ReStockIt keeps sweeping cheap.

Cleaning with kids can be fun and productive, but it should also be safe. Because some children may be especially sensitive to harsh cleaning supplies, the EPA recommends using products in schools that meet the Safer Choice Standard. These products contain little (or no) added fragrance, no carcinogens, and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), all of which can have an adverse effect on health. When the goal is to minimize sickness in schools, it’s smart to use these healthier cleaning supplies.

In addition, some schools may have stricter regulations on which chemicals are allowed in the classroom. Check with your administration before purchasing chemical cleaners, and always reach out to trained school custodians for bigger messes.

Looking for more tips on saving big while staying clean? Check out the ReStockIt blog. And for great deals on bulk supplies, visit the ReStockIt website.

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