How to be More Sustainable with 5 Green Product Switches

Lately, it seems like everyone is a little bit more focused on sustainability. From news about trash islands floating through the Pacific to major moves toward renewable energy, living greener is more popular than ever.

And being green doesn’t have to be hard. A lot of the time, sustainability can be as simple as switching out one product for another. Here are our top 5 green product switches to help you be more sustainable at home, the office, and beyond.

1) Paper straws

If you haven’t already heard, there are tons of reasons why you should switch to paper straws. Above all else? It’s seriously simple. Just pop a paper straw into your normal cup, and you’re helping reduce the amount of non-recyclable junk that winds up in landfills or the ocean.

It’s why so many companies and cities have issued plastic straw bans. Plastic straws can’t be recycled, but they can be easily replaced. And with super-low prices on bulk paper straws, there’s no reason not to switch.

2) Cleaners

No matter where you work, a good all-purpose cleaner is a necessity. But when you’re washing your hands or mopping the floors, why not choose a green cleaner brand? By switching to green cleaners, you’re saving yourself (and the environment) from harsh chemicals and pollutants. Better yet, green cleaners can be even cheaper than traditional cleaning products. Win, win!

3) Paper towels

Sometimes you’ve just gotta get paper towels. But not all paper towels are made equal. Instead of reaching for bleached paper towels made from virgin wood, opt for EPA compliant recycled paper towels. Not only do they get the job done, but they’re also much friendlier to the environment!

4) Remanufactured ink

Buying ink is a necessary part of office life. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy brand new cartridges every time your printer goes dry. Instead, opt for remanufactured ink.

These cartridges contain the same quality of ink as traditional ink cartridges, but they reuse materials to avoid unnecessary waste. And get this: Remanufactured ink cartridges are as much as 50% cheaper than traditional cartridges. Yes, please!

5) Compostable cutlery

Disposable cutlery saves time and effort when you or your office decide to host an event. But traditional single-use plastic cutlery often can’t be recycled. Does that mean you’re stuck doing dishes for hundreds of guests?

Of course not! Compostable disposable cutlery is an easy green substitute for traditional plastic. The different? Compostable cutlery is made from plant-based plastic. And have no fear: It’s inexpensive and just as heat tolerant as traditional plastics.

Looking into sustainable product switches is a commendable step toward living greener. To make these switches even easier, ReStockIt has thousands of sustainable goods listed on our green products page. For all your home and office needs, check out our website and start saving!

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