Host with the Most: Our Top 6 Picks for Home Bar Supplies

Why go out for a drink when you can enjoy one from the luxury of your home? Your home bar is the perfect space for entertaining friends and family members all year long. Not only does a home bar save you the trouble of leaving the house, but you can also have fun being your own mixologist.

Thanks to these 6 home bar necessities, you will be able to impress and awe any guest that steps foot into your home bar.

1) Cocktail Shakers

Have fun mixing and blending your own drinks with a cocktail shaker. Not only are they an iconic addition, but they’re easy and entertaining to use. Friends will love watching you mix drinks and will probably want to participate, too! Thanks to your own cocktail shaker you can look like a pro and make delicious drinks. Pro tip: throw in ice to cool your cocktails while you blend!

2) Pumps & Pourers

Despite their small size, bottle pourers can be the hidden gem of your home bar. They are the ultimate bar accessory that people forget about until they need them most. They’re perfect for measuring out drink recipes and ensuring you don’t spill when pouring.

3) Bar Mats

When entertaining from your own home, the last thing you want to worry about is the mess that comes along with it. Bar mats are a wonderful accessory for various uses, including holding wet glasses, preventing spilling, and even protecting your counter surfaces. Lastly, they are easy to move and clean, making them a definite home bar necessity.

4) Paper Straws

If you haven’t noticed yet, paper straws are a hot commodity. Thanks to paper straws, you are now able to serve and enjoy drinks, without harming the environment. They make for a sustainable alternative to the typical plastic straw, without having to nix it all together! Guests will admire your green straws and leave wanting their own!

5) Bottle Racks

Now you can finally store and show off your selection of wine and liquor bottles thanks to bottle racks. They are the perfect method for displaying and organizing bottles to your liking. Bottle racks will make you look like a professional bartender as you showcase your drink selection. Guests are sure to love this feature of your home bar!

6) Wine Buckets

Finishing off our list of home bar accessories, your home bar wouldn’t be complete without a wine bucket. Wine buckets are perfect for holding and displaying wine and champagne bottles while you celebrate. Thanks to your handy wine bucket, your friends have a place to display their wine and keep it cool as you all enjoy together.

Whether you’re entertaining friends, neighbors, or just yourself, everyone is going to fall in love with your complete home bar setup. Your home will become the center of excitement and celebration, and who doesn’t want that? Check out our entire selection of bar supplies on and make your dream home bar come to life!

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