Hands-Free Dispensers – Ideas That Pay You Back!


Looking for a great way to save money while increasing employee and customer satisfaction? Then go hands-free! There are many ways to cut supplies cost around the office (that also happen to cut your carbon footprint). The best way to go about cutting that cost is controlling the amount of inventory your company uses.

Ever hear of the saying, “Give an inch and they take a mile?” If left up to their own devices, many people will grab half a roll of paper towels to dry their hands or use multiple pumps of hand sanitizer when just one would suffice.

Cut back on costs by cutting back on how much product is used. Go hands-free and you will be saving money hand-over-fist. Let’s highlight some of the best hands-free dispensers and how buying these products will end up paying you (and the environment) back!


Georgia Pacific’s enMotion brand is your one-stop shop for hands-free dispensers. With their wide-range of products, they have you covered whether you are looking for a hands free paper towel dispenser, touchless soap dispenser, or a hands free hand sanitizer dispenser. Let’s take a look at some of their most cost-saving products.

Hands Free Paper Towel Dispenser

What’s best about getting a touchless paper towel dispenser is that you are avoiding contamination. While we all trust that everyone is an adult and uses soap, sometimes they play it off with just a little hand rinse underwater.

Therefore, whatever germs are on their hands may transfer over to other parts of the bathroom, such as the paper towel dispenser. Coming into contact with these germs can cause employee illness, costing the office not only man hours, but in sick pay as well.

Luckily enMotion has a couple of hands free paper towel dispensers to choose from. This includes the Gray Touchless Roll Paper Towel Dispenser. If you looking for other options to match your decor, you can also get enMotion Touchless Paper Towel Dispensers in either white or in black.

While you are going to save on paper towel waste by switching to touchless dispensers, truth of the matter is you will need to restock at one point or another. Be sure to follow up your green choices by getting green paper such as the enMotion High Capacity Roll Towels. Specifically made for their line of hands free paper towel dispensers, each roll should last up to 800 hand washes!

Hands Free Soap Dispenser

We all do our business prior to washing our hands. Therefore, the most germs in the bathroom are in between the journey from toilet to sink. What do we come into contact with the most during this time period? The soap dispenser. That is why getting a touchless soap dispenser is the way to go. Luckily, enMotion has an automated touchless soap dispenser for all your cleaning needs. Be sure to get the Blue Ultra Soap Dispenser Refill before you run out. Not only does this dispenser regulate how much Blue Ultra Soap is used, but the bag is created so that you will use 99 percent of the product inside, making for a cost-effective cleaning solution.


Gojo is the inventor of Purell, and has a line of many eco-friendly, cost-saving products. After all, who better to provide your company with its touchless hand size dispenser needs than the maker of Purell? On top of that, you can also save some dinero on their line of hands free soap products. So, let’s look at some of the best money-saving green products Gojo has to offer.

Hands Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

With a name like Purell, you know you can’t go wrong. That’s why people might get a bit overzealous if they are able to control just how much hand sanitizer is pumped into their palm. Seeing as Gojo invented the most trusted named in hand sanitation, they are able to pinpoint the exact amount necessary to ensure proper cleanliness.

Using the Gojo Purell LTX-7 Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is the best way to ensure overall office health without too hard of a hit on the bank account. While black is one of the more popular models for a Purell touchless hand sanitizer dispenser, Gojo also makes a stylish version in white as well.

To save on shipping costs for refills, get two refills of Purell hand sanitizer to put into your touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. Buying two-packs like this saves your company not only in shipping, but also against facing that unnecessary empty dispenser dilemma.  Plus, it means that there will be less deliveries made to your company which will save the environment from unnecessary transportation. See? Everyone wins with hands free!

Hands Free Soap Dispenser

Gojo may be the mastermind behind Purell, but it also knows a thing or two about soap. Not only do we go overboard when we get to pump our own soap but it makes a mess! As we pump with the same hand catching the pool of soap, excess soap can fly about everywhere. Not only is this a waste or product, but it makes extra work for the cleaning crew!

Using the Gojo Hands Free Soap Dispenser, you can save on the overuse of soap and the messes by controlling how much comes out. Not to mention, these dispensers are battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about them sucking electricity and upping your light bill.

To fill the touchless soap dispenser, be sure to get the Gojo Pomberry Foam Hand Soap. Not only does it smell delicious, Gojo Pomberry Foam Hand Soap is formulated for sensitive skin. So, you can feel good and smell great all while saving money!

Save with Hands Free

There you have it! You can save money, the environment, and your co-worker’s and customer’s  health by going hands-free. By getting a hands free paper towel dispenser, touchless soap dispenser, or a hands free hand sanitizer dispenser, you will go a long way in cutting your company’s carbon footprint and expense report. Just be sure to stock up on refills to save even more on shipping!


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