Welcome Lumaware to the ReStockIt.com Product Lineup!

Are you looking to get your office onto the greener path? Well, this initiative is a lot easier to strive toward with brands like LumAware. LumAware Safety is an energy-free brand that we are proud to introduce to our ever-growing catalog of green products.

What makes LumAware such an environmentally-friendly brand is its photoluminescent technology. We’ll break down what that means and how it can save your company money. Let’s take a look at the newest addition to the RestockIt catalog, and some of LumAware’s most buzzworthy green products.

What is Photoluminescence?

To truly understand just how green LumAware is, you need to understand the science behind their energy-free safety solutions. LumAware is made possible through the scientific technology known as photoluminescence.

While this may sound complex, don’t be intimidated. It is a much easier concept to grasp than you’d realize. Simply put, photoluminescent products are activated by energy. Much like solar lights sitting in the sun all day can light up the pathway to your front steps at night, LumAware products become charged by light sources.

Therefore, putting a LumAware product under regular office lights or in a sunny window should do the trick. Now, you no longer need to plug-in exit signs that drain electric bills or buy batteries every few months.

Let’s take a look at some of LumAware’s most popular products and why their brand may be the best option for your growing green office’s needs.

LumAware Photoluminescent Mirrored Finish Exit Sign

Exit signs are without a doubt essential in maintaining your office’s safety. However, if you truly think about it…exit signs are rarely used. We know where the exit is and knock on wood, emergencies tend not to happen in most workplaces. It is a complete waste to leave something either plugged in all day, or running a lithium-ion battery when it will rarely be used.

Instead of jacking up electric bills or paying a continued cost in batteries, you can get an exit sign at a one-time cost with the LumAware Photoluminescent Mirrored Finish Exit Sign. Not only is this a more green approach to office safety, but it also brings a sense of style. It has the classic EXIT sign vibe, but its mirrored finish gives the vintage look an updated breath of fresh air.

LumAware Photoluminescent Green Metal Exit Sign

If the glass look isn’t your thing, don’t worry. You can still go green with your exit sign…by going green. The LumAware Photoluminescent Green Metal Exit Sign is another interesting take on the exit sign. It’s got an exit from the highway-feel to it that makes it a neat addition to any office.  

Aside from its unique look, the Green Metal Exit Sign has met the standards of many prominent authorities on building and employee safety procedures. These organizations include:

  • International Building Code ®
  • NFPA ®
  • International Fire Code ®
  • Life Safety Code ®

On top of such credentials, this office necessity requires no energy. The photoluminescent letters light up in the dark, making this product a great green exit sign alternative. It’s actually one of LumAware’s biggest sellers.

LumAware Frame For Metal Exit Sign

If you purchase any of the LumAware Metal signs, you will need a frame to easily install the sign in its designated area. Why not get a frame that was made for the actual sign you are getting? The LumAware Frame for Metal Exit Sign was designed to complement many standard metal exit signs. This includes:

The frame comes with no assembly required. You simply slide the metal exit sign of your choice into the slot and it is ready to be placed where it needs to be.

LumAware Photoluminescent Illuminating Multipurpose Adhesive Strip

Using the vibrations caused by light (as little as 5 foot candles of ambient light), the charge of LumAware products are indefinite. To mark steps and handrails in the case of a blackout, consider using LumAware Photoluminescent Illuminating Multipurpose Adhesive Strips.

Just a little goes a long way, and they are a discrete approach to upping office safety. During the daytime, the Adhesive Strip blends into its surroundings. However, at night it lights up. This product is also very durable, so they can handle a good amount of foot traffic.

LumAware Illuminating Non-Removable Adhesive Floor Arrow

There are times when placing a strip on the edge of the step will not suffice. Some paths need a clear illustration in time of an emergency. A great companion for the Multipurpose Adhesive Strip is the LumAware Illuminating Non-Removable Adhesive Floor Arrow.

During the event of an emergency, people get into a panic. In these moments, they tend to forget all the safety practices that not only has your company gone over with them, but has been instilled in that person since birth. It’s natural. Having LumAware Illuminating Non-Removable Adhesive Floor Arrow guide the way in the darkest of times is key to averting crisis.

Notice the words non-removable? In the case of an emergency, these photoluminescent arrows can stand a stampede of anxious foot traffic.

LumAware 3-Way AED Sign

While LumAware products are cost-saving, you can’t put a price on a life. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death across the United States. At all times, we must know where the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is, in case a medic (or certified staff member) needs to intervene and save a life.

Access to such a vital instrument in the office must be available at all times of the day and in all conditions (such as a power outage). With the LumAware 3-Way AED Sign, this will never be a worry. The only concern will be for the person in need of help. This sign will not give out as it has been certified with 3 different LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits:

  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
  • Materials and Resources (MR)
  • Innovative in Design (ID)

Therefore the LumAware 3-Way AED Sign is a certified energy-saver and life-saver.

You ready to go green for your office’s bank account and the environment? Check out ReStockIt’s Green Products as well as LumAware Products.

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