The Most Iconic Disposable Cup Ever (and the Woman Who Designed It)

Gina Ekiss and the “Jazz” cup. Image credit


What you need to know about your favorite paper cup


When you think about a paper cup, our bet is that you think of the most iconic one ever – the disposable cup we’ve probably all used with the famous teal and purple “Jazz” design. The design may have been introduced over two decades ago, but until recently, most weren’t sure who created it. Thanks to the popular website Reddit and Thomas Gounley of the Springfield News-Leader, the Internet was able to track down the designer – and it was none other than Gina Ekiss.


Ekiss was working at the Springfield plant location of the Sweetheart Cup Company when she designed the drinking device that we all recognize. The company was holding an internal contest to find a new stock image and, fortuitously, Gina Ekiss entered. Her design won the company challenge in 1989, and we now all recognize it as a staple in the cup world.


The design was distributed in 1992 and has since become “an emblem of ‘90s culture.” The pattern has been used on a variety of products, including shirts and cars, but Ekiss hasn’t always gotten the credit she deserves. Now, we know that she’s responsible – so cheers to Gina Ekiss! We’ll think of her whenever we enjoy a refreshing, convenient drink at our next office party or outdoor barbeque.


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