4 Ways Daycare Centers Can Reuse Old Toilet Paper Rolls for Arts & Crafts


A homemade TP calendar from morningcreativity.com

These creative projects will teach the little ones about sustainability – and fun!

After hearing from lots of our customers, we’ve grown to realize that daycare centers are always looking for fun and exciting crafts to share with the kids they’re caring for. But there’s one thing that holds a lot of them back: crafts can get expensive. A simple trip to the store for supplies might run your wallet a lot drier than you ever expected, which is why we’re happy to share a few cheap ways to have fun with the kids by reusing old toilet paper rolls.

There are a lot of benefits to this type of craft. First, it’s free — you can use the toilet paper and paper towel rolls your establishment goes through and would throw away anyway. And if you need even more, you can send a letter home with the children, asking their parents to collect a few rolls over the next few weeks. You might get some strange responses, but you’re bound to get a few more that way.

Second of all, there’s an important lesson the kids you’re caring for will learn: the joys and importance of recycling and reusing. Many young ‘uns go through life without ever understanding the benefits these practices have on our Earth, so getting them started with that mindset at an early age could greatly reduce the amount of waste they produce over the span of their lifetime — it’s a win-win situation.

Ready to get those kiddies creative with toilet paper rolls? Here are some fun craft ideas!

Paper roll animals

This is a great craft for the little ones who are still learning about the different types of animals. And thanks to an easy tutorial by Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls, it’s easier than ever to give them a fun zoological lesson. From ferocious lions to friendly elephants and everything in between, you’ll have a blast creating these cute little TP-roll critters.

Advent calendar

 Have you ever thought about making your very own Advent calendar? Morning Creativity’s blog shows us an easy and adorable way to make a fully functional calendar using just toilet paper rolls and glue. Whether you’re going to celebrate the season with the kids or not, this can also be used as a regular calendar, complete with today’s secret lesson inside! The possibilities are endless when you have a calendar that has a different cubby hole for each day of the month.

Rain sticks

 With just a few simple materials, the kids at your daycare can be recreating the sound of falling rain in no time. Thanks to the Happy Hooligan, you can now make your dream of both having and creating your very own rain stick a real possibility. While traditional versions are made from dried cactus or other items found in nature, you can easily replicate the classics with just toilet paper or paper towel rolls. This craft is perfectly paired with lessons about springtime, the rainy season, or the rain forest — or just for fun!

Bird feeders

 Both fun and practical, The Resourceful Mama’s bird feeders are a great way to recycle toilet paper rolls while teaching kids more about the life and needs of local birds. All you need are the rolls, a little peanut butter, and some bird seed. This is simple enough for younger kids to manage, while still exciting for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

But make sure you replace all that toilet paper you’ve used up!

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