Would You Rather: Bathroom Edition!

The saga of the office bathroom: mishaps that make people cringe!

We’ve all been there. You’re at the office, doing what you do when you just got to go. Although most of us would rather conduct “our business” at home, there are times when the need arises and you just can’t wait until you’re in your own private, comfortable bathroom. You know what we’re talking about! And while your office bathroom may be just fine, sometimes you walk into a restroom with unpleasant, unexpected circumstances! With that in mind, tell us, which of these cringe-worthy events would make you want run all the way home with your knees locked?

Which Scenario Would You Rather Encounter?

  1. Doing #2 only to find out there’s no TP in your stall!
  2. Walking into the bathroom to do #2 only to find it occupied by several of your coworkers conducting an impromptu meeting.
  3. Walking into a stall just after the person who never learned how to flush
  4. Walking in on a coworker who forgot to lock the stall

Having to “go” at work is inevitable! Even if you’re one of those people who is lucky enough to go at the same time every day—and it’s when you’re home—this will eventually happen to you. And while you can’t control those now-and-then non-flushers, if you’re the one who’s responsible for keeping your office bathrooms stocked, you can at least make sure you and your coworkers always have TP.

To ensure that there’s always toilet paper on hand, order in bulk! You’ll save money, time and your coworkers from the horrifying realization that comes with reaching for an empty roll of TP!

What's your opinion?

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