Be Flu Free!

We all know how it starts. First there’s a little tickle in the back of your throat. Then the burning and sniffling in your nose begins. Then BOOM! Next thing you know, everything hurts and your laid out in bed for three days watching bad samurai movies with subtitles (ok, maybe that last part is just me). There is no denying it folks, flu season is upon us.





While chicken soup and Netflix are good to have if you do catch the cold that’s going around, prevention is key! Here are some great suggestions from Gojo to help you, your family and your customers avoid catching the “ick”:

For the tools to keep yourself and your family, customers and employees healthy and flu free, look no further, we have deals on all your cold and flu supplies.
If you do find yourself laid out in bed, and everything hurts, and you need a bad Samurai movie to watch, I recommend:  47 Ronin47 Ronin Front Cover

Stay healthy!



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