Everyone Can Help Save the Planet!

As the school year approaches we remember that not all the lessons we teach are academic. Schools teach social skills, tolerance, sharing and so much more. One of these lessons should be that our environment is precious and our resources are limited and need preserving. We all know that the best way to lead and teach, is by example. Why not practice that principle with green school supplies and products from ReStockIt.com?

Binders, construction paper, crayons and copy paper are just the beginning. We can outfit your teachers’ lounge with coffee cups and break room supplies,  all with minimal environmental impact. Keep your class rooms clean without toxic chemicals with our many green cleaning products, like Clorox Greenworks. Teach about recycling with some of our many recycling bins or cans. Help show our children from a young age how important the stewardship of our Earth really is!


For some great ideas for teachers and parents to help our kids learn about environmental initiatives, visit the links below:go-green-save






You are never too young to start saving the planet!



One Comment Add yours

  1. sarucrochet30 says:

    Don’t forget lunch boxes / wraps and reusable drinks containers 🙂

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