Back to School

August. It’s almost here. That month of bittersweet feelings for all. I remember as a child being disappointed that all the good times of summer were about to be over, but excited to see all my school friends again. As a parent, I am a little sad that my child is going to be back at school, but (and admit it, you are too) also slightly glad to have things back on schedule. Teachers, I know you are starting to feel the jitters of a new year coming up. So many things to do, so much to organize. New faces and new challenges ahead. In my opinion teachers are among the most important people out there and I applaud you! We at ReStockIt want to make things as easy for you as possible this year.

Back to school for teachers means supplies, supplies, supplies! We have everything you need, from pens and pencils, to art supplies, and my favorite, recess!! Organize your classroom with binders and file folders from Smead, and maybe even a new Dymo label maker. From teaching aids like flash cards for the little ones, to laptops and accessories for the bigger kids, we’ve got your supplies. We are even having a sweepstakes this year that makes any order over $150 eligible to win a cool backpack full of school essentials!

Now that we have your classroom covered, let’s talk about another concern for the new school year, GERMS! There’s no way around it, that many kids in one place means germs and colds and flu. Protect your kids and class with our wide variety of hand sanitizers and cleaning products from trusted brands like Purell and Clorox. Dispensers for your wall and wipes for your desk will cut the risk of colds significantly and keep your classroom happy and healthy. Do you know the top ten germiest places in your classroom? (there will be a pop quiz at the end of this blog):


1. Water fountain toggle
2. Manual pencil sharpener handle
 3. Computer keyboard
 4. Sink faucet handle
 5. Paper towel dispenser lever
 6. Sink countertop
 7. Computer mouse
 8. Student desktop
 9. Student chair back
 10. Soap dispenser lever

Going back to school can be tough on everyone, we are here to try and make it as painless as possible. Here are a few links to help you along on your new year!:

Icebreakers: Getting-to-Know-You Activities for the First Days of School

Don’t Waste a Minute: Quick-Tivities for Awkward Moments

Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques

We love teachers at ReStockIt, none of us would be here without them. Have a great school year, and I’ll let you off the hook about the pop quiz, I am sure there will be enough of those later!


Good luck!


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