The Eye of the Storm

Greetings from sunny South Florida! As one of the lucky coastal dwellers I am used to having family and friends express jealousy towards my lovely location. Except at this time of year, this time of year we enter into “Hurricane Season”.

We have been fortunate for a number of years to not have had any major storms. That does not, however, mean that you should be caught unprepared!

Keep informed of the storms that may be on their way, here:



Having a preparedness kit during hurricane season can mean the difference between weathering the storm in comfort or being left to the mercy of the elements. Here at ReStockIt we have all been through at least one, and have everything you need to get you through whatever may come your way.


To help you get your emergency kit together we have the basics like lights, batteries and water. We can also help you stay connected with emergency chargers for your cell phones and other mobile devices. Looking for snacks, beverages, and first aid? No problem! We even have sturdy Rubbermaid totes to store it all in so you can rest assured that you are ready for the storm.

So Northern or Southern, native or transplant, don’t get caught without a plan and supplies. I, myself, may find a nice Hurricane Party when the time comes! Stay safe this storm season.




Over and Out!


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