Summer is Here!

Greetings everyone! Your favorite blogger here (ok, fifth favorite?). Oh it’s that time of year, folks. Time to light the grill, spread your picnic blanket and chill your beer. The beginning of backyard barbeque blowouts is here!


Memorial day has long marked the unofficial start of summer. Here at we have any and everything you need to kick it off in style. Need paper plates and napkins for your hot dogs? We’ve got them. How about paper platters or serving bowls for your famous burgers and potato salad (the one that you never get any of because it’s gone so quick)?picnic We have those too! What would a party be without everyone’s favorite red Solo cup?! A disaster, that’s what, so I suggest you pick some up. All the things you need to make your summer of food and fun a hit, is all here in one place!

For a moment though, amidst your festivities, please take a moment to recall why we have this holiday. It’s not just about the beach and barbeques and the season’s first sunburn. We honor the fallen heroes and their families this day. We take a moment to remember those lost to us, and hold them dear to our hearts. Make their memories a part of your celebration, and drink a toast from your red Solo cups, to those that are no longer here to attend.

Memorial Day Flags

To those that made this holiday possible, I salute you. To those about to commence your three day weekend…Party on!


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